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  • Boss Hoss demo rides at Sturgis

    Boss Hoss demo rides at Sturgis

    Mark your calendars for August 1st through the 8th, 2009. Boss Hoss will be offering demo rides from Top 50 Rally Park during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally & Races. Boss Hoss Inc. did great during the 2008 Sturgis Rally despite the event’s low attendance says Boss Hoss COO, Rad Hunsley. "We’ve been coming to Sturgis doing demo rides for over ten years at various locations, and with the traffic flow at Top 50, this has to be one of the best experiences we’ve had during Sturgis.

  • 2008 Boss Hoss Cycles 3 | QuickShift

    2008 Boss Hoss Cycles 3 | QuickShift

    Even behemoth bike builder Boss Hoss Cycles has to answer to tightening emissions guidelines, an it has responded by downsizing its staggering 502 cu in V8-powered motorcycle to a mere 364 cubic inches. The BHC-3 LS2’s modified Corvette engine pumps 425 hp and 425 ft lb of torque to the rear wheel, making the new 6-liter powerplant appear positively meek when compared to its cast iron predecessor.

  • Boss Hoss Motorcycles | Chevy V-8 Power

    Boss Hoss Motorcycles | Chevy V-8 Power

    Small Block Motorcycle

    My first impression of the Boss Hoss hit me on a Sunday morning when Jay Leno, in typically larger-than-life fashion, pulled up on the massive bike at the Rock Store. The strange conveyance brought to mind the Hooters corporate slogan: “Delightfully tacky yet unrefined.” In the Venn diagram of my mind, the hot wings and cleavage section doesn’t typically overlap with the motorcycle category, but “typical” bikes aren’t powered by small block Chevy V-8s, either.