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Luggage: Father of the Brand

Louis Vuitton began designing trunks for the privileged class of travelers in Paris in 1854. Once purchased by the Empress Eugénie, the pieces became increasingly popular as Vuitton captured the bronze medal at the 1867 World’s Fair, and a subsequent gold medal in 1889. After Louis passed away in 1892, his son Georges took the company to the next level with the creation of the distinctive “LV” beige-on-chestnut monogrammed canvas. Initially developed to prevent counterfeiting, as the copying of Vuitton’s patterns was widespread at the time, the monogram ultimately became synonymous with the concept of the definitive luxury brand.

Taiga wheeled Pegasus with outside pocket and removable garment cover; Utah Commanche weekend bag. (Click image to enlarge)

Today, Louis Vuitton is as known for its least-monogrammed pieces as it was for its most. Following the introduction of the company’s Epi leather line was the merger of Moët et Chandon and Hennessey with Louis Vuitton, creating the largest luxury goods conglomerate in the world, LVMH. The company’s Taiga leather line—launched in 1993—was specifically created for a range of men’s luggage and travel accessories. In 1997, designer Marc Jacobs joined the company to take it to yet another level.

It has been maintained that motorcyclists are part of another privileged class of travelers with a heightened taste for adventure and exploration. Vuitton tempts that instinct with its strong, masculine Taiga, Nomad, and Utah collections that ride along with the best. | 866.884.8866

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