Cortech DSX Denim Jacket | Motorcycle Jacket

Can a less expensive motorcycle jacket be a premium motorcycling product? The performance of the DSX motorcycle jacket makes the answer to that question a resounding "Yes!" While denim may not be the textile material of choice for some riders–and it caused no shortage of debate within Cortech before its release–I’m a confirmed Levi’s 501 button fly kind of guy.

I find cotton denim to be lightweight, comfortable and durable–three things that accurately describe this jacket. While not an all-weather jacket (cotton will soak up water in the rain), it does work in a wide temperature range. In the summer, remove the Polyfill quilted internal vest and open the vents in the forearms, biceps, chest, and midsection, and zip down the neck a bit. Oh, wait; I forgot the two exit vents in the back! With all those measures taken, the DSX works in the triple-digit heat of Southern California, feeling much more comfortable than any leather jacket I’ve tried.

In the winter, close the vents, zip the vest in, zip up the jacket and put the extra little neck flap across the top (just like those on the wrists). The microfiber inner collar doesn’t chafe and keeps out wind when cinched up. This has worked well for me when the temperature drops into the high 30s, and I usually don’t like riding when it gets any colder (Frozen roads? No, thanks!).



Bonus features abound, including a flapped internal pocket for your cell phone or iPod, another internal pocket for your wallet, plus a third zippered closure for maps. Those two vents I mentioned earlier are also closures for a huge fanny pack area. Of course, you lose the venting if you put something in it and zip it up.

Padding and armor is light, so this isn’t for hardcore sport riding. But for friendly rides through the canyons, or cruising down Main Street, it’s perfectly adequate. There’s also a jacket/pant zipper that interfaces with pants from Cortech and Tour Master, and adjustable waist belts make for a custom fit. Just about everyone will find a size that fits, as the DSX is available in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL.

As it has turned out, the Cortech’s internal resistance to the jacket was unnecessary. It has turned out to be a great seller, though to a somewhat older demographic than average. Does denim make me look old when I wear it? I don’t think so, and both blue and black denim is a classic look that defies the ravages of the turning calendar page.