2006 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 | Motorcycle Review

Asserting a Porsche-inspired six-cylinder boxermotor and a seating cocoon that recalls Eero Saarinen’s epochal Womb chair, the Honda Gold Wing GL1800 is the undisputed king of luxury motorcycle touring. Even in its basic stock configuration, the Gold Wing secures enough bells and whistles to assemble a Rose Parade marching band. Opportunely for riders and passengers desiring the ultimate in touring efficiency, comfort and form, Honda’s Genuine Accessories arm provides dozens of garnishes, allowing you to season your Wing to taste.

Our Genuine Accessories Gold Wing has no shortage of logo sporting chrome pieces, from the front fender ornament to the exhaust tips. Appearance off the Gold Wing is a prior-ity, so a trunk vanity mirror with light is present, permitting passengers to primp before presenting themselves to the non-riding world. Purely practical products, such as fog lights, a Citizens’ Band radio, as well as a taller and vented windshield, stand ready. These bonuses are, of course, in addition to the navigation system that combines the efforts of GPS, LCD and CompactFlash technologies to guide you to any destination between the Florida Keys and the Arctic Circle. However, even with these tremendous accoutrements, the Gold Wing remains a rideable motorcycle that captures the essence of the long-distance two-wheeled experience. (Click image to enlarge)

LEADING EDGE. Chrome items such as the disc guards and fairing cover certainly appeal to our sense of aesthetics, while the fog lights and windshield vents make our rides safer and more pleasurable.

TAKE IT WITH YOU. Seemingly unassuming, the saddlebags boast a lighted vanity mirror, rear spoiler with brake light, a mat set, cooler and lid organizer.

SOUND DIRECTIONS. The GPS-sanctioned navigation system can route you anywhere in the United States and Canada. Your left thumb controls the CB and CD systems.

HELMET. Shoei’s J-Wing open-face/full-visor helmet tenders a premium fit and Snell M2005 safety status. (Click image to enlarge)

JACKET. Tour Master’s Flex jacket has two removable liners for all-weather performance.

GLOVES. Vented and lightly padded, the Tour Master’s Summer Elite gloves provide for high-temperature comfort.

PANTS. Worn over pants of your choice, the Air vented pants from Tour Master protect you with Cortech Armor-Link Mesh.