BMW ConnectedRide Com U1 Communication System First Look Analysis

BMW Motorrad has revealed its new ConnectedRide Com U1 Communication System. The helmet-mounted communication system is claimed to be universally compatible with a list of BMW helmets, though none are sold in the United States.

A look at the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Com U1 Communication System configuration in the press photos suggests that the main unit is affixed with the type of clamp that is typical in the industry, making me think it will fit most current helmets.

BMW ConnectedRide Com U1 First Look

I viewed a video introduction of the U1, and the sound of the command voice was remarkably like that in most Sena units. Viewing the specifications shows a list that mirrors the Sena 50R, which is the top of Sena’s line and also used in the Schuberth SC2. It was an educated guess, then BMW released a video mentioning the source as Sena.

If it is a rebranded Sena 50R, that means it offers Bluetooth (BT) and Mesh 2.0 intercoms, BT 5.0, HD speakers, FM radio, voice control in eight languages, Google Assistant and Siri access, phone calls, audio multitasking, and the ability to store two smartphone profiles.

BMW ConnectedRide Com U1 Revealed

The rest of the list reads right out of the Sena 50R spec sheet with 13-hour BT intercom battery life and eight hours using mesh. Group and multi-channel open mesh, two-kilometer (1.24 miles) range in open terrain and eight kilometers (five miles) with at least six users. The unit has four button controls as used on some Sena products. I wonder if BMW Motorrad will open its API to allow this device to use the Multi-Controller for volume?

BMW ConnectedRide Com U1 Expert Commentary

As of this time, no BT comm unit I have tested and paired to the infotainment system on the Ultimate Motorcycling BMW R 1250 RT Project Bike allows the use of the “wonder wheel” for volume. When playing music, the wheel does nothing, so I must reach up to the helmet-mounted controls. An intuitive UI designer would have incorporated this feature. Will we get it now?

BMW ConnectedRide Com U1 First Look Essential Information

No date has been given for the launch of the BMW ConnectedRide Com U1 communication system. Ultimate Motorcycling will keep you informed of anything we hear.