PSR Bike Tie-Down Clamp Review: ADV Motorcycle Hauling Solution

A big part of working at Ultimate Motorcycling involves hauling motorcycles around. I have a Toyota Tundra, so it’s all about tying the bikes down. Dirt bikes are easy, and naked street bikes usually aren’t a problem as the handlebar or lower triple clamp is easy. Faired motorcycles can typically be secured with the help of a Canyon Dancer Bar Harness (Original or II). However, when you add handguards to the mix, as are often present on adventure bikes, finding a place to secure the tie-downs becomes impossible without stressing some plastic. Happily, we have found a savior—the PSR Bike Tie-Down Clamp (BTC).

PSR Bike Tie-Down Clamp Review

The PSR Bike Tie-Down Clamp is an ingeniously simple solution to our problem, and one with an unlikely inspiration. PSR VP/Product Development/Crash Test Dummy Charlie Hon explains: “I was cleaning out my truck one day and found a couple of hair clips my wife left in the truck. I looked at it a bit and designed the BTC—applied, and received a utility patent for it.”

The PSR BTC is a spring-loaded clamp with an opening for the grip. An oval eyelet gives you a place to attach a tie-down.

To install, you squeeze open the clamp, place it over the grip, and release pressure. That’s it—it’s on.

PSR Bike Tie-Down Clamp Price

You do have to be a bit careful when pulling down on the tie-down straps. Because the straps are attached to the ends of the handlebar rather than near the handlebar clamp, there is much more leverage being exerted on the handlebar. Go slow, increasing tension carefully on both sides, keeping aware of any bending of the bar—some bars are more pliable than others.

I had no problem tying down a Yamaha Tracer 9 GT and Kawasaki Versys 650 with the PSR BTC. I was able to apply enough tension for the motorcycle to be completely stable in the truck bed, yet the handlebar was not damaged. It is a dream come true for owners of adventure bikes who transport their mounts to riding areas.

It’s worth noting that PSR’s litigation-inspired disclaimer on the box says the BTC is only for use with clip-ons. However, PSR’s website describes the product as “Perfect for ALL motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Side by Side, jet ski, snowmobile, and trailer.” We think motorcycle riders are smart enough to determine if the BTC will work safely for their specific applications—don’t disappoint us.

PSR Bike Tie-Down Clamp Instructions

The PSR Bike Tie-Down Clamp is suitable for handlebar diameters up to 1.5 inches, according to the PSR website. We used them on a 7/8-inch bar, and they worked perfectly, with room to spare for a larger-diameter grip.

The BTC is beautifully finished forged aluminum that has an anodized gunmetal finish. The spring and pivot point are stainless steel. A ribbed rubber coating interior provides the high-traction interface between the BTC and the grip. The units have a nice heft with the look and feel of high-quality manufacturing. Also, the packaging is first class, including a PSR decal, American flag decal, and PSR keyring with a pair of the BTCs.

PSR Bike Tie-Down Clamp MSRP

As someone who wrestled with securing an ADV motorcycle in my truck too many times, the PSR Bike Tie-Down Clamp is the deal of the century at $55 a pair. It’s one of those products that has me asking, “Where have you been all my life?”

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