2022 Piaggio 1 Lineup First Look: 3 Electric Scooters (14 Fast Facts)

Piaggio is offering up three electric scooters for 2022 that give riders a choice between pure functionality and pure fun, or a mix of the two. The 2022 Piaggio 1, 1+, and 1 Active have more going for them than just an electric motor.

2022 Piaggio 1 Lineup: electric scooter

  1. The 2022 Piaggio 1 lineup uses different motors and lithium-ion batteries to give each model-specific capabilities. The frugal Piaggio 1 has a lower-capacity battery with a lesser power output. The Piaggio 1+ has the same motor, but with a two-thirds higher battery capacity. The sporty Piaggio 1 Active gets a more powerful motor and the higher-capacity battery. Piaggio considers the Piaggio 1 and 1+ to be “moped versions,” while the 1 Active is an “electrobike.” The Piaggio 1 scooters have an electric motor built into the rear hub.

  1. The Piaggio 1 and 1+ are for the densest urban environments, with the 1 Active ready for suburban riding. Top speed of the 1 and 1+ is 28 mph, with the 1 Active bumped up to a maximum speed of 37 mph.

2022 Piaggio 1 Lineup: Price

  1. Scooters are excellent urban vehicles, and the Piaggio 1 lineup has the range needed to work in a city environment. The Piaggio 1+ has the best range, taking you up to 62 miles in the Eco mode. The standard Piaggio 1’s less-powerful batter limits it to 34 miles in the Eco mode and 30 miles in the Sport mode. The 1 Active’s range is shorter than the 1+, and considerably more than the Piaggio 1. The battery gets juice during deceleration, enhancing the range.

  1. Eco mode limits throttle response and top speed. With a Piaggio 1 scooter in the Eco mode, top speed is just under 19 mph and acceleration is gradual. In the Sport mode, each model’s top speed is available, and acceleration is unrestricted. There’s also a reverse mode to help position the scooter during parking.

2022 Piaggio 1 Lineup: MSRP

  1. Electric-powered two-wheelers can be heavy—the Piaggio 1 scooters are not portly. The Piaggio 1 weighs in at 187 pounds, with the 1+ at 198 pounds and the 1 Active at 207 pounds. As a point of comparison, the curb weight on a Honda Metropolitan 50cc scooter is 179 pounds.

  1. The battery is removable, simplifying charging. The battery is under the seat, and you only have to remove a cable to pull it out by its integrated handle. Rather than looking for a charging station, the battery can be charged anywhere there’s an outlet using the included charger. If you have a 220-volt plug—common in Europe, though not the United States—the batter can be recharged to full from empty in six hours.

2022 Piaggio 1 Lineup: Specs

  1. Piaggio claims 800 complete charging cycles for the 1 lineup’s batteries. At that point, capacity is down to 70 percent of when it was new. However, it is still usable if you can work with the reduced range.

  1. Cargo capacity is not compromised by the battery. With the battery still installed, all three Piaggio 1 scooters can store a jet-style open-face helmet under the seat. A bag hook on the inside of the leg-fairing increases carrying capacity.

2022 Piaggio 1 Lineup: For Sale

  1. The suspension setup on the Piaggio 1 scooters is backward from what you might expect. The front suspension is a single-arm linkage configuration with a single shock absorber. The rear suspension is a dual-shock design with a stylish arched swingarm.
  2. Braking comes via a 175mm disc and hydraulic caliper on each wheel. The 1 Active adds combined braking. Tires are CST Urban Travel rubber, mounted to 10-inch wheels.

2022 Piaggio 1 Lineup: Battery Powered

  1. The Piaggio 1 scooters have some convenient electronic features. Getting going is keyless—just push the remote control’s unlock button. Twist the throttle to the on position, and you’re ready to go. A mode button on the right handlebar lets you select the riding mode. The 5.5-inch color LCD dash is light-aware, changing between the day and night display modes automatically. Lighting is LED.

  1. You can take a passenger on any of the Piaggio 1 models. The passenger footrests retract when not in use, while the rider has traditional floorboards.

  1. There are six color choices for each 1 model. Piaggio pumps it up for the 1 Active, which gets red highlights on the swingarm.

  1. We don’t have delivery dates or prices for the United States.

Piaggio 1 (1+ and 1 Active) Specs


  • Type: Electric
  • Maximum power: 1.2 kW (1+: 1.2 kW; 1 Active: 2 kW)
  • Maximum torque: 63 ft-lbs (1+: 63 ft-lbs; 1 Active: 66 ft-lbs)
  • Battery: 1.4 kWh lithium (1+ and 1 Active: 2.3 kWh)
  • Battery voltage: 48 volts
  • Battery capacity: 29 Ah (1+ and 1 Active: 48 Ah)
  • Eco range: 34 miles (1+: 62 miles; 1 Active: 53 miles)
  • Sport range: 30 miles (1+: 42 miles; 1 Active: 41 miles)
  • Top speed: 28 mph (1+: 28 mph; 1 Active: 37 mph)
  • Recharge time: 6 hours (220 volts)


  • Frame: Single steel tube
  • Front suspension: Single-arm w/ non-adjustable single shock
  • Rear suspension: Non-adjustable dual shocks
  • Tires: CST Urban Travel
  • Tire sizes: 100/80 x 10
  • Front and rear brake: 175mm hydraulic disc (Active 1: CBS)


  • Wheelbase: 48.0 inches
  • Seat height: 30.3 inches
  • Curb weight: 187 pounds (1+: 198 pounds; 1 Active: 207 pounds)


  • Sunshine Mix
  • Arctic Mix
  • Forest Mix
  • Forever Grey
  • Forever White
  • Forever Black

Piaggio 1, 1+, and 1 Active Prices: MSRP $TBA

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