2022 Triumph Tiger 660 Sport Prototype First Look Tease

While not as fun as authentic spy photos, these photos of a Triumph Tiger 660 Sport prototype are still worth a look. Here’s what we think we can deduct from examining the images and the model name:

  • Here’s what a Triumph Motorcycle America Public Relations Manager Gina D’Ambrosio tells us about the photos: “Triumph has been testing the final prototype of the new Tiger Sport 660 that is set to bring triple engine performance advantages to the middleweight adventure sports category. No additional information will be shared at this time.”

2022 Triumph Tiger 660 Sport Prototype: Spy Photos

  • We got a Triumph Tiger Sport 850 street-oriented adventure bike, as well as a Triumph Trident 660 retro-tinged street bike. Looking at the prototype Triumph Tiger 660 Sport, it doesn’t take long to figure out that it is definitely a street-focused motorcycle with longish-travel ADV suspension. As Triumph calls it, “middleweight adventure sports.”
  • That’s the same 660 triple found in the new Triumph Trident 660. That motor is based on the old Triumph Street Triple 675 mill, and it puts out good power in the Trident chassis. We expect this version of the venerable triple will be tuned for a bit more torque to reflect its ADV styling.

2022 Triumph Tiger 660 Sport Prototype: Specs

  • It’s a bit more difficult to determine the parentage of the Tiger 660 Sport’s frame. The swingarm on the Tiger 660 sport is definitely not the same as on the Trident 660 or the Tiger 850 Sport. However, the frame looks like it may be the same, or closely related to, the Trident 660 frame. The frame is entirely unrelated to the Tiger 850 Sport.

  • The inverted Showa fork on the Tiger 660 Sport is slightly different than the Trident’s fork. They’re close, but not the same. The Tiger 660 Sport has more wheel clearance, front and back, so it almost certainly has longer travel suspension.

2022 Triumph Tiger 660 Sport Prototype: For Sale

  • The footpegs are mounted farther forward on the Tiger 660 Sport than on the Trident 660. That’s in line with a conversion for sport to ADV.

  • Michelin Road 5 tires are mounted to the Tiger 660 Sport—the same rubber used on the Trident 660. That’s much more street-oriented than the Michelin Anakee Adventure tires on the Tiger 850 Sport.

2022 Triumph Tiger 660 Sport Prototype: Price

  • The Tiger 850 Sport has a 19-inch front wheel, while the Tiger 660 Sport has a pure-street 17-inch front wheel. 

  • The Nissin brake calipers look to be the same on both 660s. The Triumph Tiger 850 Sport has Brembos units.

2022 Triumph Tiger 660 Sport Prototype: MSRP

  • There are integrated slots for mounting panniers on the Triumph Tiger 660 Sport. Further, one of the photos shows panniers installed. Let’s go on a trip!

We have tested the Triumph Trident 660 and the Triumph Tiger 850 Sport

2022 Triumph Tiger 660 Sport Prototype Photo Gallery