2021 Piaggio Beverly Scooter Lineup First Look (10 Fast Facts)

Beverly S

For its 20th birthday, the Piaggio Beverly scooter lineup is getting reimagined for 2021. With a new frame, two new motors, and dramatically different bodywork, the new 2021 Piaggio Beverly S and Beverly are marketed as crossover scooters capable of urban commuting and long-range suburban touring—and everything in between.

2021 Piaggio Beverly Scooter Lineup First Look: S model
Beverly S
  1. The new hpe (High Performance Engine) motors are Euro 5 compliant, and more powerful. With liquid-cooling and fuel-injection, the 4-stroke singles are far more powerful than the motors they replace. The Beverly’s 300cc engine produces 26 horsepower at 8000 rpm, and a maximum torque output of 19 ft-lbs. Moving up to Beverly S means a 400cc powerplant that delivers over 35 horsepower at 7500 rpm, and almost 28 ft-lbs of torque at 5500 rpm. Those are freeway-ready numbers, and promise brisk acceleration. Piaggio also claims reduced vibration and sound output from the powerplants.
  1. The 2021 Piaggio Beverly scooters get Showa suspension. The non-adjustable fork has 35mm tubes, while the twin shocks are five-position spring-preload adjustable.
2021 Piaggio Beverly Scooter Lineup First Look: Standard Model
  1. A larger 16-/14-inch wheel combination gives the Beverly scooters stability at higher speeds. The Beverly 300 is shod with Pirelli Angel Scooter tires—140mm rear and 110 front—while the 400 has Mitas Touring Force SC rubber measuring 10mm wider at each end. According to Piaggio, the ride and handling are very much like a motorcycle. The wheels are aluminum alloy with a seven split-spoke design.
  1. A new 5.5-inch LCD screen greets the rider. The Beverly 400 adds Bluetooth connectivity between the scooter and the rider’s smartphone.
2021 Piaggio Beverly Scooter Lineup First Look: Colors
Beverly S
  1. There is a full-feature keyless system on the 2021 Piaggio Beverly scooters. In addition to allowing keyless starting, the fob also gives you the power to open the fuel cap, pop the seat, and lock the steering without touching a key.
  1. LED technology is used from front to rear to light the way. The headlight, turn indicators, running lights, and taillights are all LEDs. The license plate holder is now swingarm-mounted and hugging the rear tire, cleaning up the rear-end styling.
  1. The new bodywork on the 2021 Beverly scooters is more angular than before. This gives the Beverlys a more aggressively modern look, which fits in with the chassis and motor updates.
2021 Piaggio Beverly Scooter Lineup First Look: 400 hpe and 300 hpe engines
  1. The 2021 Piaggio Beverly and Beverly S come in distinctive designs. The standard Beverly is described by Piaggio as “more elegant and refined,” while the Beverly S is considered “grittier and sportier.” The most significant differences between the two are the windscreen on the S, different color choices, matte finishes on the S, and rim colors. 
  1. Here are the color options for the two scooters:


  • Bianco Luna
  • Blu Oxigen
  • Grigio Cloud

Beverly S:

  • Argento Cometa (matte)
  • Nero Tempesta (matte)
  • Arancio Sunset (glossy)
  1. We don’t have any prices for the 2021 Piaggio Beverly scooters. We also don’t have an arrival date in the United States.

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