2021 Vertigo Jaime Busto Replica First Look (10 Fast Facts + 33 Photos)

Vertigo is celebrating the overall podium finish of Jaime Busto in the 2020 Trial World Championship by creating an eponymously named replica in his honor. Not designed for the average rider, the 2021 Vertigo Jamie Busto Replica is tuned for championship-level observed motorcycle trials performance. Vertigo will produce 75 examples of the Busto Replica, which will be available in 250, 280, and 300 engine sizes. Here are the fast facts on this cutting-edge competition motorcycle.

2021 Vertigo Busto Replica: MSRP


  1. Vertigo describes the 2021 Jaime Busto Replica as “the most powerful, responsive, and agile Vertigo to date.” Take that very seriously, as the standard fuel-injected two-stroke Vertigo is a trial powerhouse. Vertigo claims a “weight” of 150 pounds, though they don’t say if that’s dry, wet, or curb.

  1. The 300cc version of the Replica has a high-compression cylinder head. Along with a flex-free carbon fiber intake, this boosts power to championship standards. The airbox isn’t specific to the Replica, but it is new for 2021 and designed to increase high-rpm power.

2021 Vertigo Busto Replica: Price

  1. There are two power modes—both personalized for Busto. A racing throttle body allows the rider to access power instantly. 

  1. The new triple clamps are machined billet aluminum and lightweight. Black anodizing gives the clamps a unique look, while the Busto-chosen Renthal handlebar is black to continue the motif.

  1. The Tech Factory fork and Reiger shock have the same settings Busto uses. Additionally, the Tech Factory fork has gold detailing integrated into the black fork tubes.

  1. Carbon fiber protects the side cases from damage.

  1. The tubeless-ready rear rim is machined by Vertigo to lose some weight.

  1. Vertigo describes the color of the frame hubs as “Busto fluo-red.” This is quite a departure, as green is the color traditionally associated with the Barcelona-based boutique motorcycle manufacturer. The hand control adjusters are also red. Black comes into play for the muffler and footpegs.

2021 Vertigo Jamie Busto Replica: For Sale

  1. Befitting the genre, the Replica has a few touches to remind you of who is being honored. The stainless-steel exhaust gets the Busto logo, JB69 adorns the fork tube between the triple clamps, his signature is on the airbox cover, there are Busto Replica stickers and his signature on the rear fender, a JB stick on the front fender, and a numbered engraved metal plate telling you which of the 75 examples you are riding. You also get a custom Busto-branded workshop mat.

  1. We have neither a price nor an expected arrival dale of the 2021 Vertigo Jaime Busto Replica.

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