TCX Lady Biker Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Review

TCX Lady Biker Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Review

TCX Lady Biker Boots Test

I spent no time thinking about the TCX Lady Biker Waterproof boots, and that’s one of best compliments one can give to footwear. Usually, we notice what we have on our feet because they rub, bind, or pinch at some point.

Granted, the boots squeaked noisily for the first few minutes of my test walk around the house as the grippy rubber got acquainted with our cork floors, but that was the sole squealing, not my feet.

TCX Lady Biker WP Boots for sale

The TCX Lady Biker Waterproof boots are a classic roper design with an over-the-ankle casual height, a 1.25-inch squared off heel, and a full-traction rubber sole. They are no-nonsense boots designed for protecting your feet and ankles, and for comfortably walking when you are off your motorcycle. If you are looking for a feminine motorcycle boot to strut your stuff in, move along.

Despite the functional sensibility, the TCX Lady Biker boots are not clunky or styleless. The boots are designed using a women’s last—the form that footwear is made from—so they are specifically cut to fit a female foot.

Typically, this means narrower overall, with a smaller heel and more defined instep. In addition to the better fit, the side buckle located near the top edge of the cropped boot has a petite feminine feel. That is about the only nod to the fairer sex as far as aesthetics go.

TCX Lady Biker Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Test

TCX constructs the boot from full grain brushed leather and has a waterproof lining. I was able to step in water up to my ankles and stay dry. However, considering that the top of the boot is not form fitting, over-the-boot riding pants will have to be matched with the TCX boots on rainy days or water will enter from the top. The waterproof lining does mean the boots run a little warm; my feet were cozy on my late spring rides, so I expect they will be a three-season boot and not the ideal choice for summer outings in hot climes.

The Lady Biker boot doesn’t have the built-in toe-shift protector that the TCX men’s boots have—but an included shift-guard band offers options. Stretch the band over the left boot to protect the leather from marks and wear while riding. It can be quickly slipped off and tucked in your jacket pocket when you arrive at your destination. The Lady Biker boots will fly under the radar with symmetrical clean lines.

You can leave the shift-guard band on your boot as the stretch panel that runs across the sole is thin enough not to be distracting while walking. Although the leather is tough enough to shift without the guard installed, the added buffer is welcome, and the Lady Biker boot still easily fits between the footrest and shift lever.

TCX Lady Biker Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

The generous side zipper makes slipping into the relaxed TCX Lady Biker boots easy. Once donned, the rounded toe box doesn’t cramp my phalanges. The removable insole provides a comfortable platform, and the rubber outsole keeps each foot securely planted on the pegs. Despite the casual look, the boots have a CE Certification that ensures essential impact protection with heel and toe counters, as well as an insert on the outside of the ankles.

The TCX Lady Biker Waterproof motorcycle boots are a textbook cruiser boot for women that takes care of business without any fanfare. As comfortable off the bike as on, the Lady Biker boots also pair nicely with standards and vintage motorcycles.

TCX Lady Biker Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Fast Facts

  • Sizes: EU 35-42; US 4-9.5
  • Color: Black

TCX Lady Biker Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Price: $200 MSRP

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