Gear / Parts Shoei J•O Motorcycle Helmet First Look (11 Fast Facts)

Shoei J•O Motorcycle Helmet First Look (11 Fast Facts)

Shoei J•O Helmet Retro Motorcycle Helmet | Modern Technology, Vintage Package

With a nod to Shoei open face helmets of the past, the new Shoei J•O motorcycle helmet combines classic styling and paint jobs with modern motorcycle helmet features and safety technology.

It won’t be in the shops until November, but we took a first-look at the Shoei J•O helmet at the famed Deus Ex Machina shop in Venice, California.

Shoei J•O Rat Grey
Rat Grey

1. The outer shell of the Shoei J•O helmet is modern-tech. It has Shoei’s Multi-Ply Matrix AIM shell that uses fiberglass along with organic and high-performance fibers. There are three outer shell sizes used across the six interior sizes from XS to XXL. The small ducktail at the back of the helmet pays homage to the 1950s, not part of an aerodynamic design.

2. Inside the helmet is a drop-down face shield. A fully manual—no springs—dropdown CJ-3 shield blocks wind from your eyes as needed should you not opt for goggles. It can be used with sunglasses.

3. There are three positions for the shield, to account for different proboscises. These positions—low, medium, and high—are easily set without tools. In the low position, there is a possibility of conflict with some riders’ noses. High should clear any protuberance.

4. There are four accessory shields, all of which can be swapped out without tools. If you don’t like the standard clear shield, Dark Smoke, HD Yellow, Spectra Chrome, and Spectra Gold are available. All shields knock down 99 percent of UV rays and are claimed to be 100 percent optically correct. While the Shoei J•O helmet is handmade in Japan, a specialty manufacturer in the United States makes the shield.

Shoei J•O Carburetor TC-6
Shoei J•O Carburetor TC-6

5. The Shoei J•O has a multi-density EPS liner. Unlike the single-density liners of old, the J•O has different foam densities at different parts of the helmet, while retaining the same thickness throughout the helmet.

6. There are channels molded in the EPS liner of the J•O to allow for the movement of air across your scalp. However, in keeping with the vintage look of the outer shell, there are no intake or exhaust vents. The air simply flows in and out through the soft inner liner.

7. Unlike truly vintage helmets, the Shoei J•O has a removable, washable and customizable interior pad system. If you don’t like the way the J•O caresses your cheeks, there are different thickness cheek pads available.

8. There are two types of synthetic leather to give the J•O an authentic appearance. Above your eyes is a matte-finish Nubuck faux-leather that reduces bothersome reflections from the road or cars. Glossy synthetic leather is used at the base of the helmet for a traditionally rustic look.

Shoei J•O Waimea

9. Double D-rings keep the Shoei J•O helmet on your head. They’re nothing special, but they are period appropriate.

10. Looks matter, so the Shoei J•O helmet is available in five solid colors and six graphics options. Pretty much all tastes are accommodated, ranging from solid Off-White and Matte Brown, to the faux-wood Waimea TC-10, the racing-inspired Sequel line, and the wild multi-color Nostalgia TC-10.

11. The Shoei J•O motorcycle helmet is a quality helmet at a premium price. You’re looking at $379 for the solid colors and $449 for the graphics-enhanced J•Os.

Shoei J•O Motorcycle Helmet Fast Facts

  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Colors: Carburetor TC-6; Carburetor TC-8; Nostalgia TC-10; Sequel TC-10; Sequel TC-5; Matt Black; Matte Brown; Rat Grey; Black; Off-White
  • Shield options: Clear (standard), plus optional Dark Smoke; HD Yellow; Spectra Chrome; Spectra Gold
  • Shoei J•O Motorcycle Helmet Prices: Solids, $379 MSRP; Graphics, $449 MSRP

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