NUVIZ Rolls with Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis

NUVIZ Rolls into Sturgis

Motorcycle Therapy meets the latest NUVIZ technology for an epic ride

NUVIZ, Inc, creators of the first all-in-one head-up display for motorcycle riders today announced they’ve offered NUVIZ units to participants in this year’s Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis, a program designed to assist veterans through throttle therapy and on-the-road counseling programs.

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A rotating platoon of riders from all branches of the military have ridden from Los Angeles California to Sturgis, South Dakota for the past three years, and have become a staple of the Sturgis community in short order by arriving at the legendary Black Hills Rally in a patriotic parade of respect and appreciation from the many riders in attendance.

NUVIZ Rolls into SturgisNUVIZ devices were given to the lead and trailing rider along with other veteran riders in the pack. “The NUVIZ HUD’s were an ideal way to lead this group half way across the country,” said Robert Manciero, VCR Co-Founder and Emmy-award winning director. “Telling the story of an epic motorcycle ride and the benefits of not only riding a motorcycle, but the rewards of community, therapy and the power of leaning on each other for help is a complex endeavor. The NUVIZ devices helped us not only navigate, but communicate and tell the story through photos and POV video.”

The NUVIZ HUD incorporates many features desired by the modern touring rider including a built-in GPS, communications and media player, speed indicators and a HD camera that offers point-of-view stills and video. The rider can access the information via an intuitive wireless controller while keeping their eyes on the road ahead.

NUVIZ Rolls with Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis“We rode some really challenging routes and saw some truly beautiful parts of the country,” said Lisa Niner, thirty-year Army Veteran. “I worked on military application of HUD in attack helicopters in Afghanistan, and seeing this technology come to motorcycling is way cool. It’s easy to use, and just as easy to stay focused on the road at the same time.”

The Veterans Charity Ride gathers veterans who have struggled and need a helping hand, therapy and community. The ride features Indian Motorcycles, some fitted with Champion Sidecars and modified controls that allows for almost all riders to be considered for the program. Many riders suffer from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and traumatic amputations. These conditions make for difficult re-orientation into civilian life. The VCR program is designed to meld the brother and sisterhood of American Veterans with the appreciation from the motorcycling community with a structured therapy and counseling program along the route. Additional “surprise” events include riding ORVs in Moab and  a visit to Jay Leno’s garage for a personal tour with Mr. Leno.

NUVIZ used in Sturgis Motorcycle Rally“We are proud to be involved with Veterans Charity Ride on their mission this year,” said Marcel Rogalla, co-founder of NUVIZ. “I have worked with the military in optical development for years, and to see how NUVIZ can be a part of veteran therapy and continue to benefit motorcycle riders has been fantastic.”

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