‘Guy Martin: Fastest Man on Two Wheels’ to Debut on Velocity

Guy Martin Confirmed for Triumph Streamliner World Record Attempt | Bonneville
Guy Martin

“Guy Martin: Fastest Man on Two Wheels”

Guy Martin Confirmed for Triumph Streamliner World Record Attempt | Bonneville
Guy Martin

For fans of Guy Martin, Triumph motorcycles, and Bonneville Speed Trials, we’re hoping you have the Velocity channel.

Tune in or set the DVRs for 10 p.m. ET Thursday, December 8, for the 45-minute special episode “Guy Martin: Fastest Man on Two Wheels.”

The show documents the Isle of Man TT star’s land-speed record attempt at the Bonneville Salt Flats aboard the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner.

Triumph’s hopes were to reclaim the record, which stands at 376.363mph (2010, Rock Robinson, Top Oil-Ack Attack streamliner), but salt conditions prevented the challenge.

Martin did make history after piloting the 1000-horsepower Streamliner to a speed of 274.2 mph in the Division C category (streamlined motorcycle). The Infor Rocket Streamliner became the fastest Triumph ever at Bonneville, breaking Triumph’s 46-year-old record of 245.667 mph posted by Bob Leppan aboard the Gyronaut X-1 (there was also an unofficial record by Leppan of 264 mph).

Thursday evening’s “Guy Martin: Fastest Man on Two Wheels” will fully document that pursuit. Expect plenty of excitement conveyed through a thick Lincolnshire accent, and of course tea drinking.

[Read our 2010 Interview with Guy Martin while at the Isle of Man TT]

Guy Martin: Fastest Man on Two Wheels Talks Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner
Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner

About the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner

Powered by twin turbocharged Triumph Rocket III engines that combined produce 1000 horsepower at 9000 rpm, and are contained in a carbon-Kevlar monocoque chassis, the Infor Rocket Streamliner measures 25.5-feet long, 2-feet wide and 3-feet tall.

The methanol-fuel guzzling creation was developed by Triumph, Hot Rod Conspiracy and Carpenter Racing, and will be a highlight of "Guy Martin: Fastest Man on Two Wheels."

Triumph looks to reclaim the land-speed record it once held; from 1955 to 1970, Triumph held the title of “World’s Fastest Motorcycle” with the following streamliners: Devil's Arrow, Texas Cee-gar, Dudek Streamliner and Gyronaut X1, the former achieving a top speed of 245.667 mph.

Triumph says the iconic Bonneville name was conceived following Johnny Allen’s land-speed record runs at the Salt Flats in September 1956, when he reached the record-breaking speed of 193.72 mph. The first T120 Bonneville model was unveiled at the Earls Court Bike Show and went on sale in 1959.


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