Touratech Heat Control Comfort Motorcycle Seat to Debut in 2017

Touratech heated motorcycle seats

Touratech Heat Control Comfort Motorcycle Seat

Touratech Heat Control Comfort Motorcycle Seat to Debut in 2017

Those of us who ride beyond summer know how cold weather can suck the joy out of even the best ride. Touratech seeks to solve this problem with new technology that will extend your riding season while minimizing power consumption on the bike with its new heated motorcycle seats.

The Touratech Heat Control Comfort Motorcycle Seat keeps motorcyclists warm while only drawing 25% of the electricity of other heated seats on the market. This preserves wattage for accessories like heated grips, heated riding gear, lights and more.

Touratech heated motorcycle seats

A glove-friendly control button is integrated into the side of the heated motorcycle seat, eliminating the need for messy wires or switches on the handlebars. When pressing the button, the seat makes a quick vibration that signals the new heat setting to the rider. Heat Control Comfort Seats can be wired directly to the battery and will not impact the OEM electronic system of the motorcycle.

"Coming from Seattle, I'm accustomed to riding in the wet and cold. The Heat Control Comfort Seat is a game changer, combining the excellent comfort of Touratech seat with a highly advanced heating system to keep you warm on even the nastiest of winter rides,” says Matt Willson, Product Manager, Touratech-USA.

Riders can toggle the heat modes between High, Medium and Off with the touch of a button and still enjoy the legendary comfort that many have come to expect from Touratech’s Comfort Seats. The proprietary high-density foam, ergonomic shape and stretch foam have made these seats a top choice for travel and distance riding.

Touratech will be debuting the Heat Control Comfort Seats at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show November 18-20, 2016 and the seats will be available for purchase in early 2017.


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