Henry Cole’s The Motorbike Show to USA via Ultimate Motorcycling!

Henry Cole of The Motorbike Show
Henry Cole on a Gladstone No. 1

The Motorbike Show Now Aired Stateside

Henry Cole of The Motorbike Show
Henry Cole on a Gladstone No. 1

There are certain personalities within the motorcycle industry that simply can’t go unnoticed. The UK’s Henry Cole is one of them.

For over three decades, Cole’s passion for motorcycles has brought some unique stories into British households. These stories covered a wide spectrum of interests, from telling the story behind vintage motorbikes such as a Brough Superior, discovering some barn finds, riding the world’s best roads, or restoring all kinds of interesting bikes.

And now, that personality is coming to the States. This is thanks to a partnership with Cole that makes Ultimate Motorcycling the exclusive online distributor for The Motorbike Show here in the USA. Starting today, it will be available here in America at the Ultimate Motorcycling Henry Cole Channel (episode is also attached below).

Henry Cole profile British Motorcycles Gladstone

“As soon as I met Henry I felt a connection,” says Arthur Coldwells, President of Ultimate Motorcycling. “My British heritage and our similar sense of humor of course helped, but ultimately it was our common love of motorcycles that allowed us to develop the idea of distributing Henry’s show in the US, and I’m thrilled that he has entrusted us with the task. The show is fascinating, funny, and peculiarly British; it sucked me in completely and I hope it does the same for you.”

Cole’s passion for everything motorcycles is endless. Racing? Sure! Cole has competed numerous times at the Bonneville Salt Flats aboard both Brough Superior and Gladstone machinery, and holds a land speed record for pre-1955 750cc motorcycles.

Starting a British motorcycle marque? Why not! Gladstone Motorcycles is near and dear to Cole’s heart; it’s a company he founded in 2014, and, in typical Cole style, it is unique in both design and marketing voice. Voice we say? Check out the tagline: “Handmade British Motorcycles for Discerning Hooligans.”

Of course there’s a story behind that. Though Cole’s great-great-uncle William Gladstone was the famous 19th Century Prime Minister, it was his uncle Dick “Red Beard” Gladstone where the name and “hooligan” voice derived from.

Red Beard was known as an eclectic rider and tinkerer of some of the best in vintage motorcycles, including Triumphs, BSAs and Brough Superiors. Red Beard’s garage became somewhat mythical to Cole, planting the foundation for what would become a lifelong career based around motorcycles.

And now, Ultimate Motorcycling brings that personality to the states. Enjoy this first episode uploaded below, which features Henry starting the restoration of his Suzuki GSX-R Streetfighter; a visit to the Royal Signals and their White Helmets display team; a go at riding motorcycle gymkhana; and finally a visit to the Bonhams auction in Staffordshire to see if there’s anything that Henry can afford. The follow up episode will be available in two weeks time.

Besides an advocate of bringing the passion of motorcycles to a wider audience, Cole also helps those battling addiction. Cole is very public about his addiction to heroin between the ages of 19 and 24, and despite being 27-years sober, he uses that negative and his subsequent positive experience to help others find their way towards sobriety.


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