Exide Launches Motorcycle Battery Range – Includes Lightweight Li-Ion

Exide Launches Motorcycle Battery Range, Includes Lightweight Li-Ion

Exide Motorcycle Batteries

Exide Launches Motorcycle Battery Range, Includes Lightweight Li-IonExide Technologies has launched a new lineup of motorcycle and sport batteries, including the new Exide Li-Ion, an ultra-lightweight lithium-ion battery for high-performance bikes.

The new range also includes four best-in-class lead-acid technologies: Exide GEL, AGM Ready, AGM and Conventional. Product packaging has been redesigned, and new types of AGM Ready have been introduced from the company’s OE business.

The Li-Ion is up to 80% lighter than a lead-acid battery. This reduces the weight of the bike, allowing faster acceleration and a better riding experience. The battery offers super-fast recharging and very low self-discharge, ideal for seasonal bikers.

Other benefits include first-class safety features, extended cycle life and multi-position mounting. It comes ready to use straight out of the box and requires no maintenance. Exide works with a range of battery technologies and has vast expertise in lithium-ion through its industrial business – vital in bringing Li-Ion to market.

Exide Gel, derived from Exide’s OEM business, is the gold standard in lead-acid motorcycle batteries. Both invented and manufactured in Europe, it provides impressive cycle life, safety features, high vibration resistance and deep-discharge protection. It also handles power-hungry electrical equipment easily and is entirely maintenance free.  AGM Ready offers maximum power, extended cycle life and high vibration resistance, and is designed for high-performance motorbikes.

The new product packaging has a sleek, user-centered design. Product benefits and features are described on the box, useful for both consumers and professionals in selecting the right battery.

The box also features a QR code, which connects you to a mobile-optimized website where you find detailed product information and biking tips. Exide has a wide range of accessories and support for motorcyclists, including fitment information, battery-testing tool, charger, and its Battery Finder smartphone app.

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