Roland Sands Crashes Indian Hooligan Bike At Buffalo Chip at Sturgis

RSD Super Hooligan Racer Roland Sands
Roland Sands takes checkered flag

Roland Sands and Indian Hooligan Bike Take A Tumble

Just as the announcer told the Buffalo Chip crowd that “This bike has no front brake,” Roland Sands was reminded of the feature missing from his custom Roland Sands Design Indian hooligan dirt track racer. Sands and the bike rode straight off the damp Buffalo Chip stage at Sturgis, and into the crowd.

According to the Rapid City Journal, four people were injured and treated at the scene, and were thought to be taken to the hospital. There are no reports on who was injured or how serious the injuries were, at this time. Amateur video captured the Roland Sands accident on the Indian hooligan dirt tracker.


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