Weego Jump Starter Battery+ Review

Weego Jump Starter Battery + Review | No More Jumpstarting Motorcycles
Weego Jump Starter Battery+

When you find your motorcycle with a dead battery, the days of looking for someone to jumpstart your engine are done. Modern technology has put the starting power of a car battery into a package the size of an Apple iPhone 6, though a bit heavier (still under a half-pound) and thicker (just over a half-inch)—the Weego Jump Starter Battery+.

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Using the portable battery starter couldn’t be easier. Simply attach the included miniature jumper cables to the battery terminals—we’d like to see something that plugs into a quick-connect harness—and plug them into the Weego. Turn the Weego on, and it is ready to rock.

Designed to jumpstart gasoline motors up to 4.6 liters in displacement, it has no problem with any motorcycle powerplant. We rekindled a Suzuki DR-Z400S with a dead battery multiple times with nary a hesitation from the starter.

As a bonus, the Weego Jump Starter Battery+ also functions as a ashlight and it has a USB output port for charging phones and tablets. This is an essential product for the touring rider.

We tested the standard ($109.99), but Weego also offers a Heavy Duty ($149.99) for engines under 6.4 liters, and the Professional ($199.99) for engines under 9.6 liters. For additional information, visit Weego.