GIVI Virtual Bike Builder – Visualize Motorcycle Accessories Before You Buy

GIVI Virtual Bike Builder - Visualize Motorcycle bags

GIVI Virtual Bike Builder – Motorcycle Accessories

GIVI Virtual Bike Builder - Visualize Motorcycle bags
GIVI Virtual Bike Builder

Buying the right accessories can be full of indecision and for many of us, our local shops, as good as they are, might not have all of the motorcycle parts that we’d like. So when making a purchase, you want to err on the side of caution and see how things will look before going through the hassle of shipping items back in disappointment.

GIVI has been in the motorcycle luggage game since the 60s, and they’ve been a dominant force for many years. Even some of us at Ultimate MotorCycling have used GIVI products in the past and not surprisingly, those old cases on Ron’s VFR are still hangin’ tough.

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Aside from making a product that we believe in, GIVI wants to help riders make a regret-free decision when choosing motorcycle luggage with their “Virtual Bike Builder.” While I’m most likely exposing myself as the most boring person in the world, I always click around these virtual builders when a manufacturer offers them. With options covering a wide variety of makes and models, chances are GIVI produces luggage or accessories that’ll work for you.

GIVI Virtual Bike Builder

So let’s take a look: First, either create an account and log in, or don’t, and at your fingertips will be the entire GIVI luggage line. The advantage to creating an account is that you’ll be able to save or e-mail your virtual build.

Next on the agenda – select your bike. GIVI has done a wonderful job of creating products that will work with adventure, sport, upright, and even scooters. So don’t think that your make and model is out of the question, chances are, they’ll get you sorted.

Now comes the fun part – customization. The red markers indicate what areas of your bike GIVI has matching components for. No digging through catalogs for matching part numbers, just take a look at the image and you’ll see if there is anything on the table for you. Click on each marker to see what is available.

By now, you’re probably getting loaded down with all that you’d want. And up in the right hand corner, they’ll be keeping track of what you’re adding. Keep in mind, if there is any specific mounting hardware needed, they’ll make you aware of it – just so you aren’t left out in the cold when it comes time to actually install your products.

GIVI Virtual Bike Builder motorcycle bags

And finally, you’re done. With everything laid out nicely, you’ll be able to get a better visual concept of what GIVI products will look like once they’re on your bike. Not only that but you’ll be able to save your selections so you can come back to them later on.

So be smart with your purchases and make use of a nifty tool that is meant to simplify your life. GIVI strives to make their products blend in or in some cases, enhance the look of your motorcycle but as we all know, we all have specific tastes – so don’t put yourself in a disappointing situation, use the virtual bike builder to take away some of that buyer’s remorse on your next purchase.

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