2016 MotoDoffo Fundraiser for the Kurt Caselli Foundation | Recap & Photos

Moto Doffo Fundraiser for the Kurt Caselli Foundation
Barrel Room

MotoDoffo Fundraiser for the Kurt Caselli Foundation

Moto Doffo Fundraiser for the Kurt Caselli Foundation - wine barrels
Moto Doffo Celebrates the Life of Kurt Caselli

Marcelo Doffo, his son Damian, and the family – proprietors of the Doffo Winery in Temecula, Calif., – kicked off the third annual MotoDoffo event at the winery on June 11, 2016, for the benefit of the Kurt Caselli Foundation. The Doffos sure know how to throw an event, and few families are more tight-knit, capable, hospitable and welcoming.

The Doffos say, “Famous for exquisite, handcrafted reds, Doffo is focused on small lot, limited production wines made in the old world style. It is also home to MotoDoffo, the family’s private collection of over 100 racing and vintage motorcycles. The Doffos are proud to share their Argentine and Italian heritage throughout the winery and they hope this translates to your experience.” The property is splendid and there were probably over 800 attendees during the day.

One of the masters of ceremony was Quinn Cody, “who was a teammate of Kurt Caselli in multiple desert racing events. As a professional off-road motorcycle racer, Quinn has conquered nearly every major long distance off-road race in North America, including four overall wins at the prestigious SCORE Baja 1000. He oversaw the whole production from the Foundation’s participation in the event and was instrumental in helping make it a success.”

A $2,500 college scholarship was awarded to Star Savage on the basis of his character, interests, accomplishments and desire to succeed. Quinn also outlined the Foundation’s commitment and funding of research, starting with a study now in peer review, the first being done for off-road safety. Also participating were Sarah White, Foundation president, Carolyn Caselli, Kurt’s sister and secretary as well as Kurt’s mother, Nancy Caselli, the treasurer.

Damian Doffo reported, “It was an awesome day and we raised just over $32,000 net to the foundation -doubling our total from last year!”

Who was there?

Johnny Campbell, the man behind JCR/Honda with an impressive list of off-road race wins going back to 1992. Ivan Ramirez, KTM rider and multiple race winner in venues like the SCORE BAJA 500 and 1000. Jeff Aaron, trials champ gave an extraordinary performance for Red Bull in front of a large, cheering crowd. He had an ear-to-ear grin on his face the entire performance. Dave Glass, over-40 off-road champion was here with two of his winning bikes.

Kurt Caselli Foundation statement: Protecting and Supporting the Lives of Off-Road Riders.

The Kurt Caselli Foundation was established in 2013. The focus of the foundation is the safety of riders and racers in the off-road motorcycling industry. While we understand the inherent elements of danger in this industry, we aim to help minimize this danger to the best of our ability. The foundation has a three-part mission that encompasses safety precautions for riders before, during, and after a racing career.

  1. Before racing, we are committed to encouraging, developing, and standardizing safety precautions that will help minimize risk outside of the rider’s control.
  2. During racing, we are committed to developing, establishing, and encouraging the use of safety equipment and policies to increase the safety of the riders.
  3. After racing, we are committed to providing a safety net that allows and encourages former racers to further their education and reach career goals for themselves and their families.

During the day all I saw were smiles from old and new friends meeting up. SCORE presented a wonderful barbecue on the property and there were many vendors exhibiting and selling ride related products. I can say, without fear of refute, that a good time was had by all visitors. Oh, and the wine was sublime.



2016 MotoDoffo Fundraiser for the Kurt Caselli Foundation – Photo Gallery


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