Touratech Zega Pro: The Next Generation Debuts

Touratech Zega Pro: The Next Generation Debuts

Touratech Zega Pro: The Next Generation

When they debuted in 2009, the Touratech Zega Pro panniers became a must-have for adventure riding. We put them through some serious testing, which included (not by choice) submersion in water due to a puddle that looked small. Inside were a Macbook and Nikon D2H. Luckily, they kept our gear dry - and all these years later, even after a few more encounters with dirt, rocks and trees, they are still the go-to bags for our ADV tours.

But Touratech continues to improve them - meet the next generation of the Zega Pro (official press release follows).

Touratech knocked the adventure riding community on its ear in 2009 when it introduced the Zega Pro pannier. Since then, the Zega Pro has truly been the standard to which all motorcycle luggage manufacturers strive. It’s simply the sturdiest, most reliable luggage for motorcycle travelers.

The 2016 is the year that the pannier bar is being raised again by Touratech. The German-based company continuously works to improve the performance of its motorcycle accessories. Many said it couldn’t be done with the Zega Pro pannier system, but here is the next generation… and it’s better.

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Improvements start with a new state-of-the-art manufacturing process that eliminates the welds in the corners. The seal has been re-engineered so that the lower lip has a plateau shape that locks into a wider and deeper recess in the lid and presses against a silicone seal within that recess. This makes the box lid-engagement much more positive and strengthens the box when closed. Zega Pro-Next Generation also opens and closes a little more smoothly and has holes pre-drilled into the lid to attach optional handles.

“I didn’t think there was any way to make the Zega Pro better but Touratech did it with this new generation. It’s everything you love about the Zega Pro, but better.” – Morgan Goldbloom, Touratech Adventure Expert

Touratech customers that own the original Zega Pro pannier system are still in great hands with the box that re-wrote the rulebook, but anyone in the market for a new system now has Zega Pro-Next Generation to ride with.

Zega Pro-Next Generation is in stock now and are available - for additional information, visit Touratech Zega Pro - Next Generation.


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