Top 5 Reasons to Attend The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2016

1911 Thor - Top 5 Reasons to The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2016
1911 Thor

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2016

1911 Thor - Top 5 Reasons to The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2016
1911 Thor

In a few weeks, the 8th Annual The Quail Motorcycle Gathering will begin. If you’re headed to Carmel, Calif., on the weekend of the May 14th, you’ll be in for a treat. Aside from the wonderful shows, dinners and live bands, there’s plenty happening – but let’s just hit some of the main events with a top five recap.

  1. The Quail Motorcycle Gathering

It’s the reason we all bought the ticket. Featuring over 300 motorcycles displayed on the country club grounds, attendees will be able to peruse a little bit of everything on two-wheels, from vintage, to modern to the ultra-exclusive. Lifestyle brand ambassadors will be on hand, promoting wares of all shapes and sizes. There is an added bonus, aside from the gathering itself. Partnered with the event this year is the Monterey Youth Museum, which will receive the proceeds from a silent auction of items donated by sponsors. All proceeds from that auction, held out on the main field with the gathering, will benefit the Monterey Youth Museum directly.

  1. The Quail Ride

The Quail Ride is something of a tradition and welcome to anyone. A 100-mile tour through the Monterey Peninsula that is followed up by The Quail Motorcycle Dinner. With guest speakers and a cocktail reception for those who partake in libations, this seems like a good bit of fun. The bad news – it’s sold out. Organizers are stressing that you reserve your spot for the 2017 edition ASAP.

  1. 1912 Henderson at Quail Motorcycle Gathering
    1912 Henderson

    Book signings

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering picked up two names that are quite familiar in the world of bikes – Don Emde and Reg Pridmore.

Emde will be presenting his book Finding Cannon Ball’s Trail which documents Emde’s journey in rediscovering Erwin “Cannon Ball” Baker’s route from Indianapolis to San Diego, Calif., over a century ago. Emde based his efforts on the actual written accounts of Erwin.

Pridmore will be presenting his book entitled, Smooth Riding: The Pridmore Way alongside co-author Geoff Drake. Now, Reg Pridmore is a man that doesn’t need much of an introduction. He’s a former AMA champion and racing pioneer, as well as the owner of CLASS Riding School. His book imparts many of the teachings as well as anecdotes to help riders improve in nearly all aspects of riding.

  1. The Why We Ride Invitational

If you want the VIP experience, look no further than this. Your journey will begin on Friday, May 13th from Pismo Beach, Calif., a sleepy little beach town a couple hours north of Santa Barbara. Riders will cruise around the Monterey Peninsula, settling down into a Rider’s Dinner that features local cuisine, special guest speakers and prizes. The following morning, the group will head off to The Quail Motorcycle Gathering where premium parking awaits and of course, a ticket to the event has already been sorted. Discounted room rates at participating hotels in Pismo Beach and Monterey are available. For more additional information, visit Quail Motorcycle Gathering Tickets.

  1. The Cycle World Tour

The Cycle World Tour, supported by Honda, Tourmaster, Shoei and Transitions, will take riders out for a quick 50-mile jaunt with Cycle World staff and friends. A continental breakfast will be served along the way and riders will also be treated to a limited edition gift bag, full of goodies from their supporters. Packages include options with or without tickets, so if you already have a ticket to the event, you can join in without any superfluous costs.

So there we have it. The 2016 The Quail Motorcycle Gathering has plenty of activities to keep you occupied, aside from all of the fine dining and amazing bikes. If you’d like to know more about the event and how to purchase tickets, please visit Quail Motorcycle Gathering Tickets. Below is a recap video from 2015.



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