Honda DCT Technology Exposed in New Website

Honda DCT Technology Exposed in New Website
Honda DCT Transmission

Honda DCT Technology Website

Honda DCT Technology Exposed in New Website
Honda DCT Transmission

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of a new website to promote its DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission).

The website tells Honda’s story behind its DCT technology and of the benefits of DCT through user-friendly content such as music, video, commentaries, and DCT model introductions.

The site will initially be launched in English and Japanese, with other languages to be added. When we visited the site, the “Select your country” tab at the right side of the screen, only two options come up: Japan and other. Clicking “other” does bring up the version of the site in English.

From the hyperkinetic image of the engine and transmission animation on the screen, just scroll down to see the selection of images, narrative and video.

Honda product information points out that DCT-equipped motorcycles “maintain the same direct feel as manual transmission models, yet unburden the rider from clutch and gear-changing operations, providing a superior dimension of sports riding and convenience.”

For more, check out the Honda DCT website. Also, check out our coverage of Honda motorcycles with the DCT transmission:

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  1. Honda spends more money on marketing than on fixing the problems they have. DCT is something no one asked for. It adds 44 lbs and $700 to the bike and takes shifting and clutch control away from the rider. It maybe OK on the street but is terrible for dirt riding. No other motorcycle manufacturer is doing it. The website is not going to convince anyone to buy it.


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