Indian Springfield Frontier 111 Unveiled | Azzkikr Custom Bagger

Indian Springfield Frontier 111 Unveiled | Azzkikr Custom Bagger

Indian Springfield Frontier 111

Indian Springfield Frontier 111 Unveiled | Azzkikr Custom Bagger
Indian Springfield Frontier 111

Indian Motorcycle, the only brand which can claim to be America’s first motorcycle company, has been on a bit of hot-streak with custom bikes. Between all of the Daytona Bike Week festivities and the Jack Daniel’s Indian Motorcycles, Springfield or Chief limited edition models, things are looking quite good for the V-twin market.

Adding to that already impressive list of custom bikes is the “Frontier 111,” built by Azzkikr Custom baggers of Phoenix, Ariz. Take a look at the photo gallery below and I’m sure you’ll agree; this is a new direction for the Indian Springfield.

This marks a first for the 2016 Indian Springfield line, as it hasn’t been reworked by the caring hands of a custom builder yet. But there is a first time for everything, and Len Edmondson of Azzkikr will be showcasing the Frontier 111 as well as his award-winning builds that, by the way, are rolling models. None of this “look but please do not touch” attitude exist; these bikes were built to be ridden. The Frontier 111 combines modern aesthetic with a retro vibe that nearly anyone could appreciate.

Pouring with taste, the Frontier 111 brings in what we’ve all grown to love about classic cruisers: skirted front fenders, springer front ends, jockey shifters with a foot clutch and classic color palette based around the Indian Motorcycle’s hearty Thunder Stroke 111.

Indian Springfield Frontier 111 Unveiled for sale

“We have been working on the cutting edge of the custom bagger movement for years now, but it’s not often that you get to reveal a custom based on a motorcycle the factory just introduced,” says Azzkikr’s Len Edmondson. “From Day #1, we wanted something that reflected the big front wheel trend but still spoke to the heritage and style that is uniquely Indian.”

From the sketch book to fabrication, the Frontier 111 utilizes those same contour lines that many have put down on paper when imagining their dream bike. The Frontier 111 features a hand-built headlight housing proudly sitting atop its crafted rear fender. The front clip is a completely custom triple tree sourced from KewlMetal, a springer-type suspension with a leaf-spring, a 26-inch spoked wheel rounded out by Metzeler rubber, and a hand-lathed aluminum hub hiding a modern disc braking system.

The Springfield’s fuel tank was given a vintage dressing and topped with a polished dash piece utilizing the stock gauges. The hand-tooled leather seat diverts the eye to the back of the bike which complement the leather bags hanging off the rear fender. Removable and fully functional with mechanical lids, there is a classic taillight assembly with brake light and indicators which completes the bike beautifully. Tucked away under the bags are stock 16 inch wheels with a rear air-suspension allows for a bit of show – ride at stock height or drop it low and throw some sparks. Complete with a red and black paint palette, as well as gold leaf detailing all around, the boys at Azzkikr kept everything in house, especially when we’re talking about the unique details.

“Everything on the bike aside from the triple tree was hand-made or manufactured in our shop to an OEM quality standard to fit on the Springfield’s stock frame, so nothing on it makes any actual changes to the engineering of the present bike,” Edmondson says. “In other words, if I wanted to send parts to someone to reproduce this bike with a new Springfield, they could put it together using the same bolt patterns. That makes this build truly revolutionary.”

“The Indian Springfield is a touring bike that is meant to be ridden, and by building an extreme custom around the stock frame the Frontier 111 stays true to the spirit of the motorcycle,” commented Reid Wilson, Marketing Director for Indian Motorcycle. “Len and his team did an amazing job with this build and it was very exciting to unveil this bike at the 75th Anniversary of Daytona Bike Week.”

For more information about Azzkikr Custom Baggers and its Frontier product line for Indian motorcycles, visit Azzkikr Custom Baggers.

Indian Springfield Frontier 111 | Photo Gallery


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