Outlaw Trails Dual Sport Adventures | Utah’s Outlaw Trail

Outlaw Trails Dual Sport Adventures | Utah's Outlaw Trail

Outlaw Trails Dual Sport Adventures – Outlaw Trail Ride

Outlaw Trails Dual Sport Adventures | Utah's Outlaw Trail

On a clear day on April 21, 1897 in Castle Gate, Utah, an engineer wiped his brow while pulling his locomotive into Salt Lake City. The cargo: Gold and silver coin that was destined for the Pleasant Valley Coal Company payroll. The crates were unloaded, their padlocks secured tightly when two men approached, armed with Colt .45s and pulled off a brazen daytime robbery.

The two men made off with $7,000 in total. It was the first of its kind; a brash, daring, terrifying robbery that happened in plain view. And thus, the legend of Butch Cassidy and Elzy Lay, two leading members of the infamous Wild Bunch gang was born. The men fled into Southeastern Utah, so a place that became known as Robber’s Roost.

Over a century later, the crimes of Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid and his Wild Bunch are still ingrained in the American West. Outlaw Trails Dual Sport Adventures is offering up an opportunity to retrace the steps of these infamous outlaws with an expertly guided, four-day tour through some of Utah’s harshest regions, more specifically, the Outlay Trail used by Cassidy himself. Monty Scott, owner and guide for Outlaw Trails Dual Sport Adventures was inspired by his two loves: history and motorcycles.

“Ever since I moved to Utah, I have been fascinated about Utah’s outlaws, especially Butch Cassidy. He was born here to a good, pioneer Mormon family. I have spent years reading and researching about Butch and other members of The Wild Bunch. The Tour includes my personal travelogue about the outlaws,” says Scott.

The tours route takes riders to two well-known Outlaw trail hideouts. The first, Brown’s Park in Northeastern Utah and Robber’s Roost in Utah’s inhospitable Canyonlands. All along the way, Scott will share fascinating stories of the old west, regaling everyone with tales of Cassidy and their illegal exploits.

“For years, I’ve been leading dual sport and ATV riders on Utah trails. Outlaw Trails Dual Sport Adventures allows me to combine my two passions – motorcycles and history – to give adventure riders the opportunity to explore and experience Utah’s rich outlaw history, ” says Scott.

For a total cost of $1,050, the tour begins and ends in Provo, Utah. Running from Wednesday to Saturday, from June through September. The price includes all accommodations and food. Riders will have to provide their own motorcycles suitable for some off-road adventures but rental motorcycles can be facilitated as well.

For more information, visit www.outlawtrailsmotorcycletour.com.


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