BMW M2 | Official Car of 2016 MotoGP

BMW M | Official Car of 2016 MotoGP

2016 BMW M2 – Official MotoGP Car

BMW M | Official Car of 2016 MotoGP

Typically, car news is a little beyond our scope. After all, we are Ultimate MotorCycling, but when the MotoGP is involved, consider our interests piqued. If you’ve watched MotoGP, you might notice that a BMW filling the role of the official safety car, which again looks pretty awesome despite the fact that it isn’t a motorcycle.

This was going since 1999. Back in 2014, Dorna Sports and BMW M Division came to a cooperation agreement that is set to expire in 2020. We can appreciate when businesses show loyalty to one another and in this case, it seems fitting. On one hand, you have the leading motorcycle manufacturers pitting top-tier riders and high-performance prototype machines against one another in the most prestigious motorcycle racing league in the world.

On the other, you have the BMW M class, which since its inception has been based on similar principles, performance, and technological advancement alongside impressive styling.

The BMW M2 MotoGP Safety Car, which will make its debut this coming 2016 MotoGP season, uses all of the various safety features in its arsenal to keep MotoGP riders safe while out on the track. The Safety Cars are specially modified at the BMW M factory for their use as lead cars on the motorcycle racing circuits.

BMW M Division’s commitment to MotoGP includes some incentives both for fans and riders. Since 2003, the BMW M Award has been presented at the end of the season to the best MotoGP qualifier. Last year, that was none other than Marc Marquez.

The BMW M MotoGP Experience allows race goers to see MotoGP in ways that most never are able. BMW M MotoGP experts offer exclusive, first-hand insights on the race and any other questions that fans might have. On selected Grand Prix weekends, BMW M Division also has its latest models on display for everyone to check out.

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