Eurobike Needs Your Help for 2016 Raleigh Show

Eurobike Needs Your Help for 2016 Raleigh Show

2016 Eurobike in Raleigh, N.C.

Eurobike Needs Your Help for 2016 Raleigh Show
2016 Eurobike Show

European motorcycles have always been more than a passing interest of mine, and I’m sure this sentiment is true for many Ultimate MotorCycling readers. One of the shows that caters to this interest, Eurobike in Raleigh, N.C., needs some help. The show, which raises money for charity, has started a gofundme page to help acquire funds for its next event.

Eurobike is dedicated to the long and fruitful history of European motorcycling. Household names such as Ducati, KTM, Moto Guzzi, BMW, Norton, BSA and Triumph will be present, among a wealth of others that have helped shaped the world of motorcycling.

Everything from the British bikes to sleek Italian sport bikes that influenced the machines putting down rubber on MotoGP circuits, there is something at Eurobike for just about everyone. Eurobike strives to be a family-focused even, and is a place where young and old can congregate, sharing stories to inspire a whole new generation of riders and builders.

This is an opportunity to see a collection that you’ll most likely not have access to outside of your computer or mobile device, for a long time to come. But here is the main reason to support Eurobike – it’s all for charity. Each year the organizers select one reputable charity to raise funds for, and this year they’ve selected one that happens to hit closer to home, Biker Down is a 501C charity that supports riders who have been the victims of accidents while riding responsibly.

So here is the issue. To secure security, close streets, provide event facilities and so forth, organizers need roughly $5,000.  Previous years have netted over $6,000, and Eurobike has donated the funds to charities including Wellspring International, Horse and Buddy, Tammy Lynn Center, and SafeChild NC.

Organizers have stated that the new location has allowed them to quadruple their spectator draw over previous years. In light of that fact, they are strongly encouraging all sponsors or vendors to contact them for spots. Product vendors and motorcycle specific vendors are more than welcome to set up and camp at the event.

How can you help? First, head over to their gofundme page and donate. Anything, a dollar, ten dollars, one hundred dollars, it doesn’t matter. Just contribute to a cause that is poised to help out someone in need.

For additional information, visit Eurobike.