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MotoGP Social Media Presence Grows - Millions Reached
MotoGP on Facebook

MotoGP had a tremendous year this season – on and off the track – with social media reflecting the growing passion of its worldwide audience.

MotoGP’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube has meant that the action and discussions, never stop when the checkered flag is dropped. Fans, media and teams alike take to the internet and keep things rolling, reaching out to millions across the globe.

The interaction has helped MotoGP reach over 150 million people throughout each Grand Prix in 2015 and a total of 2.5 billion people through Facebook content alone.

Over 5,000 Facebook posts alone have included such amazing highlights as Valentino Rossi’s great start to the 2015 season, Johann Zarco’s spectacular celebratory victory blackflips and of course, the most eventful race of the year, the epic overtakes of the Australian GP.

#TheIslandBattle allowed people to share their thoughts on the exciting Phillips Island race with over 44 milllion people reached via the hashtag on social media. Celebrity race enthusiasts such as Ewan McGregor, Gerard Pique, Nico Rosberg, Mark Webber and Pau Gasol joined in on the conversation as well.

But that is just one part of this momentous year for MotoGP, with its Intagram and Twitter accounts experiencing tremendous growth; Instagram growing to 2.1 million fans and Twitter growing to 1.5 million followers.

Now, we all know the defining moment of the season – Sepang. Many a forum and social media post has been lit ablaze by the controversy. MotoGP’s social channels #SepangClash drew the most attention with over 16 million people viewing the video clip on Facebook. The hashtag remained in use for the following weeks as fans and journalists seethed, heatedly discussing the ins-and-outs of the incident. During the race, Rossi was the top trending topic on Twitter.

The #VamosJorge and #ForzaVale campaigns on powered by Twitter was represented by hundreds of thousands of fans, tossing in their vote as the 2015 season drew to a close, hoping that their hero would take the title. As the 2015 season culminated, #TheGrandFinale provided fans with a chance to see how others were reacting to the developments on and off the track, in real time.

MotoGP aims to continue integrating social media into the broadcast feed and explore new avenues as they emerge. Increased presence of social media on the television feed will better enable both broadcasters and fans to interact with the content. Sustained focus on new social media platforms will not only enable MotoGP to reach more viewers but also provide even more diverse content and enable fans to engage in a wider variety of ways.

As we move into the 20016 MotoGP season, we hope to continue integrating social media into the broadcast feed, exploring new avenues as they emerge. Increased presence of social media on the television feed will better enable both broadcasters and fans to interact with the content they are about. Sustained focus on these emerging platforms will enable MotoGP to reach more viewers while providing fresh and diverse content that we’ve worked tirelessly to provide.

MotoGP will bolster its social media activity, with Facebook and Twitter providing key information and insight throughout the new season, and Instagram showcasing behind the scenes of the world’s most exciting race series.

As always, keep your browsers open Ultimate MotorCycling for the latest and greatest, regarding the premier racing league. We invite you to share your thoughts down below – Do you think social media is too much? Or too little? Let us know!