First Ride Up The Divide with Newbies | Motorcycle Travel

First Ride Up The Divide with Newbies | Motorcycle Travel

First Ride Up The Divide

First Ride Up The Divide with Newbies | Motorcycle TravelAdventure motorcycle riding is a rapidly expanding sport populated by a diverse cross section of people. A lot of the new riders in this growing “ADV” community are victims of their own imagined limitations.

They are drawn in by dreams of round-the-world trips and far-flung adventures, but then never end up making it farther than the local Starbucks. Riders and non-riders alike are enamored with adventure motorcycle travel and the “romantic” lifestyle, but most are too scared to take the plunge and participate.

So to prove that ANYONE can have an epic adventure on a motorcycle a group of friends are setting out on a ride from Mexico to Canada off road following the Continental Divide. Moreover they are going to do this trip with two riders who have never even been on motorcycles before! Why go with two brand new riders? Just to prove that anyone can do it!

The misconception encountered frequently is that this sport is not for everyone. This expedition’s aim is to illustrate how accessible adventure riding can be and how this sport is for ANYONE who wants to get involved. The goal is to show people that with minimal experience, time and effort they too can have a world-class adventure!

Prior to departing for the trip the two novices will have taken beginner Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses ( to receive motorcycle endorsements but will have no other experience. These two new riders are ideal candidates for such an excursion with backgrounds in overland travel, backpacking and camping but have spent no time at all on a motorcycle.

In July of 2016 they will be setting out from Antelope Wells, New Mexico with no experience and an entire country between them and their destination of Roosville, Montana. 2,767 miles stretching out before them featuring some of the most scenic dirt and mountain passes that the United States has to offer. This journey will truly test friendships and the will of all involved!

First Ride Up the Divide will be well documented in real time with images and video on various social media streams. A web episode series is also slated for released after the journey is complete.

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First Ride Up The Divide with Newbies | Motorcycle map