Ducati Panigale with Trellis Frame

Ducati Panigale with Trellis Frame? | Meet Pierobon
Pierobon Trelli Frame on Ducati 1199 Panigale

One of the most impressive calling cards in the Panigale series’ array of technological advancements is its cast aluminum Monoscocca chassis. Attaching to the top end of the Superquadro motor, the airbox and throttle bodies are integrated into the design. Truly, it is a work of industrial art.

Leave it to the innovative and contrarian geniuses at Pierobon Frames in Bologna, Italy to challenge the new orthodoxy with a rethinking of the legacy technology. The result is a trellis frame for those wanting to race the 1199 Panigale.

Using 28mm steel tubing for the main—the same as found in the 999 series—along with aluminum alloy pipes for the rear subframe, the structure is undoubtedly sturdy. Aluminum alloy plates, cut from billet, attach the frame to the swingarm pivot. Also billet-sourced are the motor mounts. Another feature of the Pierobon frame is the ability to change the rake and wheelbase by the use of different bushings.

Much work was done to create a new airbox and air ducts, and more aluminum was brought in for forming. As this is a racing chassis, great effort was put into making the chassis crash-repair friendly. In the case of a mishap, the air intake system can be easily replaced, and the motor quickly removed from the chassis for servicing.

According to Pierobon, the trellis frame and various appendages weigh no more than the Mono- scocca frame. For those who prefer the feel of a trellis frame to a monocoque design, Pierobon reports that the torsional-inflectional stiffness is consistent with previous trellis designs.

Handling and feel is both a science and an emotion. The Pierobon Frames 1199 Panigale Trellis Frame allows those who have a fondness for the feedback of welded tubes to have the latest in power and suspension, and choice is a freedom we relish.

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