Tirox SnapJack Motorcycle Center Stand

Tirox SnapJack Review | Motorcycle Center Stand in a Bag
Tirox SnapJack

If your bike lacks a center stand, it can be a challenge to lube and adjust the chain or clean the rear wheel. Or, you could be on a long distance ride and emergency strikes. Either way, the Tirox SnapJack is one of those brilliantly simple ideas that will instantly prove worthwhile.

Pull the hand brake lever and hold it in place with the included Velcro strap to lock the front wheel. Next, push the SnapJack under the end of the swingarm and, once past the mid-point, it locks in place with a push. This raises the rear wheel about a half-inch off the ground, allowing you to do the necessary work.

The Tirox SnapJack comes in its own bag, and because it is compact—8.5 inches long when folded— and light, it is highly portable.

Any bike owner without a center stand on his machine will find this a particularly useful tool, as it is so easy to use.

Tirox SnapJack Specs:

  • Lifts Tire .5” to allow tire to spin
  • Stable and wide rubber cradle
  • Multiple adjustment heights
  • Locks in place
  • Made from HSLA High Strength Low-Allow Steel
  • Includes secure strap for safe removal
  • Includes brake locking strap
  • Includes Protective carry bag
  • Includes two floor protective pads for smooth concrete, painted and epoxy floors
  • MSRP: $49.95
  • Tirox SnapJack Website