Community Classic and Custom Motorcycles Easy Rider Motorcycle ‘Captain America’ on Display at EMP Museum

Easy Rider Motorcycle ‘Captain America’ on Display at EMP Museum

Easy Rider Motorcycle on Display EMP Museum

Easy Rider Motorcycle ‘Captain America’ on Display at EMP Museum
Captain America from Easy Rider

The Easy Rider movie is one of the most iconic films in motorcycling, the film featuring Peter Fonda exposing the sub culture of the 1960s.

The main actor of the Easy Rider cast, Fonda (Wyatt) rode a chopped Harley-Davidson Panhead with the American Flag painted on the gas tank. Fonda’s Hardtail – coined “Captain America” – became a symbol of freedom for bikers, and now one of the original Easy Rider bikes is on display at the EMP Museum in Seattle.

Easy Rider Movie Motocycle Captain America (Peter Fonda)This Captain America – the “last remaining motorcycle from the landmark film” – is on display at EMP Museum was “partially destroyed in the film’s final scene, then rebuilt years later.”

When Fonda and Dennis Hopper (Billy) began their search for “America” in 1969, both found out their journey would have a profound influence not only on audiences but on film-making itself.

Easy Rider came helped create the “New Hollywood,” and helped summarize the conflicts and contradictions of the counter culture.

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Photo credit: Brady Harvey/EMP Museum

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