VP Racing Fuels PowerWash Review

VP Racing Fuels PowerWash Review - Rinse, Spray, RinseSo, you’ve taken your adventure bike out, and things got a little muddier than anticipated. Or, you’re out on the street, an unexpected downpour hits, and there’s a gooey flow across the road you cannot avoid. As we all know, the touch-up cleaners you use will not get the job done without a lot of work.

No worries – VP Racing Fuels PowerWash is here to effortlessly return your bike to spic-and-span condition. Unlike most cleaners, PowerWash tells you to hose the bike down first, and then spray on the Moto Formula. We followed instructions, and let the PowerWash soak in for a few minutes.

When we rinsed off various goop-caked bikes, we were startled at how grime and mud-free it was. There may be a few stubborn spots depending on just how dirty your bike is, but those are easily handled after VP Racing’s Pow-erWash does its part. Great stuff.

VP Racing Fuels PowerWash is available in 32-ounce spray bottles for around $11. For additional information, visit VP Racing Fuels.