Brough Superior SS100

New Brough Superior SS100 on Display in New York
Brough Superior SS100

Brough Superior Motorcycles was set up in Nottingham, England, in 1919 by engineer, entrepreneur and racer George Brough. Brough Superiors were beautiful, exclusive motorcycles, the fastest in the world at the time.

They were the motorcycle of choice for Colonel T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, he owned seven in a row and wrote many letters describing the pure joy and excitement they gave him. The glamorous, super speed SS100 was his favorite model. Other celebrities in the 1920s and 1930s also adored riding Brough Superiors. The company turned out its last motorcycle in 1940.

In 2008 Englishman and Brough Superior enthusiast Mark Upham bought the rights to the Brough Superior name. Upham has been involved with vintage motorcycles and Broughs all his working life. He spent a long time trying to find a partner who could help him realize his dream of relaunching the marque and when he met motorcycle designer and fellow Brough Superior devotee Thierry Henriette he knew he had found the right person.

Today the brand new Brough Superior SS100 is being built at Henriette’s works in “Aerospace Valley” near Toulouse, France. It combines the retro, crowd stopping, looks of the original machine with a unique, bespoke engine and the most modern, high quality components.

Orders for the new Brough Superior SS100 are being received from around the world. Jay Leno featured some old Brough Superior’s on his Jay Leno’s Garage YouTube channel.

A production version of the new Brough Superior SS100 can now be viewed on Madison Avenue at Ralph Lauren, 867 Madison Avenue, New York. A display has been built around the SS100 which also includes memorabilia from Brough Superior’s illustrious past. The SS100 will be on display through Sept. 4, 2015.

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