Butler Maps Releases Oregon Motorcycle Edition

Butler Maps Releases Oregon Motorcycle Edition

Butler Maps – Oregon Edition

Butler Maps Releases Oregon Motorcycle EditionThough most of us our spoiled with the savviest GPS units, a Garmin or TomTom can’t necessarily find the best motorcycle roads. Sure, they can find curvy or steep ones, but the routes are built based on technology – not a motorcyclists.

The opposite is true of Butler Maps; the staff gets out there and rides, and treks out the best motorcycle roads available. The latest release from Butler Maps is an all-new Oregon map—a collection of 5,385 miles of the very best motorcycle roads in the Northwest highlighted, rated and described for your ride-planning pleasure.

Butler Maps says “the road-hungry scouts at Butler burned 28,418 miles of roads to bring you the best Oregon map available in motorcycling. They even took on a Mountain Lion attack to make sure that every obscure back road in the Oregon was scouted.”

“Oregon is just an incredible place for motorcyclists,” said Court Butler, head of scouting, sweeping and coffee production for Butler Motorcycle Maps. “We’ve put in some amazingly scenic, sporty and sensational miles into the Oregon map for all to enjoy. From the high desert to the Cascade and Coastal mountain ranges and more, Oregon is a great destination. Taking the Oregon Butler Motorcycle Map with you ensures you’ll always be on the best roads.”

Butler Maps are precisely developed for real motorcycle travel, and are printed on highly durable and waterproof paper. Butler’s easy to read rating system clearly indicates the most dramatic and scenic stretches of road and are accompanied by detailed inset boxes, written descriptions, elevation profiles and a whole bunch of useful information to help you plan your journey.

Oregon maps are now available online at Butlermaps.com and at your local motorcycle dealer.


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