Touratech KLR650 Build | ‘Gateway Drug’ of ADV Bikes (Video)

Touratech KLR650 Build | The 'Gateway Drug' of ADV Bikes river crossing

Touratech KLR650 Build

The folks at Touratech USA understand the notoriety of the Kawasaki KLR650, a bike that arrived on the scene in 1987 and remained relatively unchanged except for one major update in 2007.

This icon, which we refer to as the MacGyver of Motorcycles, has built a reputation as the “gateway drug” to adventure motorcycle culture. The reasoning is simple – it’s a cheap entry, and once hooked on ADV riding, many move to a bigger motorcycle, like a Triumph Tiger 800 XC or a venerable BMW R1200GS.

But others don’t see a reason to move to a bigger bike, and continue to get their fix with their beloved KRL650s. With this idea in mind, Touratech USA recently acquired a 2015 Kawasaki KLR650, and had staff member Aaron Jennings equip the bike with Touratech parts from top to bottom.

“I have always been curious about the KLR 650, since so many folks choose it for their travels,” said Jennings. “It was great to spend a little time getting one all kitted out with our products. It’s an easy bike to work on, and its utility and performance are even better with upgraded suspension, protection and luggage.”

Touratech says it started the KLR upgrade with the suspension system and worked out from there, including a skid plate, Zega Mundo panniers and much more.

Touratech says “When the build-out was finished the only thing left to do was ride it! Adventure filmmaker, Sterling Noren was on hand to record the testing and the result is a terrific video (above) highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly of the KLR 650.

“With a spectacular, desert backdrop, Touratech’s Paul Guillien and Iain Glynn put the bike through its paces over two days in scorching heat and through challenging terrain. They give an honest assessment of the KLR and its strengths and weaknesses and don’t pull any punches. This video gives a clear picture of what a KLR 650 (with a little help from Touratech) can do.”

For more on Touratech KLR650 accessories, visit Touratech-USA.

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