ArtOfBrands Ducati Artwork | License Agreement Extended

ArtOfBrands Ducati Artwork | License Agreement Extended Panigale

ArtOfBrands Ducati Artwork

ArtOfBrands Ducati Artwork | License Agreement Extended Panigale
Ducati Panigale Artwork

Looking for Ducati motorcycle fine art prints? The Geneva-based ArtOfBrands has just extended its exclusive agreement with Ducati Motor Holding, making it the only “official” supplier of Ducati artwork in the world.

Founded in 2008, ArtOfBrands offers customers high-quality and affordable artworks that are “based on an individual’s passion that is inspired or linked to a ‘brand’.”

“ArtOfBrands easily allows people to display their passion for Ducati and the Ducati Lifestyle as interior décor through affordable and spectacular artwork” said ArtOfBrands’ founder and CEO, Patrick Ashworth.

Working in conjunction with Ducati, ArtOfBrands continues its commitment to discovering and supporting artists from around the globe by organizing regularly scheduled invitational art competitions.

Artists submit new and inspired art, which is evaluated based on its ability to communicate the engineering genius, quality of design and the passion for Ducati.

The new Ducati licensing agreement with ArtOfBrands allows for the addition of new artwork from established artists, as well as the new artists constantly joining the ArtOfBrands community. These artists keep the selection fresh and focused on Ducati history, the families of motorcycles and the Ducati racing legacy.

Ducati Art Club

ArtOfBrands is also pleased to announce the creation of the very first official Ducati Art Club.

The Ducati Art Club is an exclusive portal that showcases the colorful and varied art collection of the legendary Ducati brand. All new members automatically receive a 10% discount on all ArtOfBrands artwork and will receive a variety of offers and special deals, as well as being instantly notified when new artwork is featured on the website. It’s fast and easy to view the motorcycle passion of Ducati.

To learn more, just go to to enjoy the Ducati Art Club benefits.

Ducati Reverse Blind Auction

In celebration of the new agreement, ArtOfBrands is excited to introduce the first Ducati Reverse Blind Auction – an exciting and different way to bid on selected NEW Ducati artwork.

Here are the official rules:

  • Each auction participant will be allowed to submit one bid.
  • The object of the Ducati Reverse Blind Auction is for the winning bidder to submit the lowest, unique bid.
  • The lowest, unique bidder will be awarded the artwork FREE – delivered to the winner’s doorstep!
  • The auction is all about being the lowest, unique bid.
  • For example, if your bid is the lowest and the only bid at that number – then you are the lowest unique bidder and will be awarded the artwork FREE!
  • No shipping, no handling, no cost.

Please visit to view all of the artwork currently being offered in the auction, as well as complete auction details.

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