Tourmaster Midweight Leather Glove Review

Tourmaster Midweight Leather Glove Test

Tourmaster Midweight Leather Glove ReviewPictures truly do speak 1000 words – especially ones of motorcycle gear such as gloves. The product always looks great on the box, but the true nature only shows when gear has been rode hard and put away wet.

This is just how I put the Tourmaster Midweight leather gloves to the test. Right from the box, he Tourmaster Midweight leather gloves pull on easily and have a easy to release cinch strap on the back of the glove that holds it snuggly in place.

The soft, brushed fleece interior features SilverCool Plus moisture wicking cloth with ginkgo extract and an advanced anti-bacterial and deodorant fabric weave. The combination of these attributes is immediately felt on the road – especially when the hands start to sweat. This combination results in refreshing breathability, maximum flexibility and a softer feeling than other gloves of this caliber.

A supple goat skin leather exterior has durable double-reinforced padded leather panels in the palm and thumb that reduce wear and dampen vibration. The fingers are also box-stitched and are pre-curved to improve comfort, dexterity and reduce hand fatigue. Light foam insulation helps to keep hands warm in cooler temperatures.

While wearing the Tourmaster Midweight gloves during a three day ride, I got caught in a brief rain storm that lasted nearly an hour. The temperature dropped as well. At my destination I was surprised to find the interior was dry and my hands had stayed comfortably warm – not bad for a glove that’s not waterproof.

Tourmaster Midweight Leather Glove TestThe fellow I was riding with pulled his gloves off (a different brand) and found his gloves not only had the rain soak through, but the dye that the manufacturer had used had stained his hands purple!

After a few hundred miles of riding, the Tourmaster gloves conform exactly to my personal hand structure, and once I put them on they cradle my fingers in the position they would naturally have while gripping the controls.

If you’re searching for comfort in a glove built for milder temperatures, the Tourmaster Midweight fit the bill. Plus, at around $50 per set, it won’t take many bills to purchase them.

For additional information, visit Tourmaster.