Motorcycle Types Adventure / Dual-Sport 2015 ISDE Qualifiers Set for Idaho and West Virginia this May

2015 ISDE Qualifiers Set for Idaho and West Virginia this May

2015 ISDE Qualifiers Set for Idaho and West Virginia this May

To compete in one of the world’s most difficult off-road races, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) International Six Days Enduro, stateside riders must vie for top positions  in American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) qualifying.

And this week, the AMA released the locations and times for the stateside ISDE qualifiers. The first will take place May 2-3 in Newburg, W.V., hosted by Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series and the second May 30-31 in Idaho City, Idaho, hosted by Boise Ridge Riders.

This year’s 90th ISDE will be held in Sept. 7-12 in Kosice, Slovakia – AMA-organized teams have competed in the ISDE since the 1960s.

“Watching the ISDEs in Saxony, Germany and Sardinia is what led me to start a series inspired by the ISDE format,” said West Virginia qualifier host Jason Hooper. “Because of that, the special tests we create mimic the ISDE style very closely.

“From our 20-second countdown clock to the massive grass track for the cross test to the amount of ribbon on both sides of the enduro test, riders will get a very authentic ISDE special test experience when they’re racing, which will better prepare them for the real thing in Slovakia this September.”

While The Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series is a new host of an AMA ISDE Qualifier, the Boise Ridge Riders have been hosting a qualifier since 1988, the AMA reports.

“Our club is made up of members who love to ride off-road and love the ISDE,” says Club President Peter Reynolds. “We feel privileged to welcome ISDE hopefuls and other local and regional riders to enjoy some of the best riding in the country. Gunny Claypool, a longtime ISDE team manager, says our event is as close to true ISDE conditions as a U.S. rider can find. From impound to trail schedules, the club offers the ISDE experience to riders.”

A formal Letter of Intent is required from each rider who wishes to qualify for a team. The rider must complete the LOI prior to the start of the qualifier. Riders may mail completed forms or sign up at the track. The LOI form can be downloaded from the AMA website at Forms also will be available to fill out at the track.

“I’m extremely excited to be a part of the U.S. ISDE teams qualifying process and to help our riders get seat time in a format that is similar to what they’ll race at the ISDE,” Hooper said. “It’s an honor for the AMA to give the FGSE Series this opportunity, and we’re hoping that it’s the first of many qualifiers we’ll be able to run.”

Riders wishing to qualify for the AMA ISDE club teams only need to ride one of the above events to receive a score. The riders who earn a position on one of the teams must confirm their ability to attend the ISDE by June 5.

The Trophy Team, Junior Trophy Team and Women’s World Cup Team will be selected by the AMA ISDE Advisory Committee.

For more information about the FIM ISDE, costs associated and selection procedures, visit

2015 AMA ISDE Qualifiers:

May 2-3: Newburg, W. Va.

Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series

Jason Hooper, (304) 276-0188

May 30-31: Idaho City, Idaho

Boise Ridge Riders

Peter Reynolds, (208) 384-5141

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