Trey Canard Dominates San Diego SX | Post-Race Interview

Trey Canard Dominates San Diego SX | Post-Race Interview

For the second time this season, Team Honda’s Trey Canard was victorious, earning the win at round six of the 2015 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship. Following the action in San Diego, which was held for the first time in Petco Park, we sat down with Canard for a post-race interview.

Following his San Diego SX performance, Canard is in third points with 109, nine behind Suzuki’s Ken Roczen and 18 behind leader, KTM’s Ryan Dungey.

Ultimate MotorCycling’s Andrew Oldar: Where do you feel that you were faster than Roczen?

Team Honda’s Trey Canard: I couldn’t really tell. I think we were having some cat and mouse moments. I felt really good in the whoops. I was just trying to not make any mistakes. I ended up making a few, but it was a tough track. It was slick.

UMC: Did you have any issues with lappers?

TC: There was a few, but they weren’t bad. They were pretty good about getting out of the way. I hit them in really good place though.

UMC: You had some corporate Honda employees here this weekend. Did that give you some extra motivation to perform well?

TC: I don’t even care that I did good. I mean, I want to do good for them, but I am just so happy that they are here and just happy about what’s going on right now with Honda. It show with Cole (Seely) and Eli (Tomac). It also shows in our bikes. I think the are good and I am just really happy to be a part of it.

UMC: What is different from last year for you?

TC: There is a lot. There is so many engineering things that are happening with Honda and they are just really smart people. It really helps to have people that built the motorcycle here trying to help us tune it. I am looking forward to the next few years where we can hopefully just get better.

UMC: How was the track and what was it like out there?

TC: It was good. It was pretty technical all day. There was a section before the finish line that was really tough. I thought the dirt turned out really good. I was kind of nervous on track walk as it was a bit rocky, but it turned out really good.

UMC: You had a crash in practice. Did that bother you while you were racing the Main Event?

TC: No, I was fine. I got away from it really lucky. It could have been really ugly. I almost did the same thing as Cooper (Webb), except I got away with it.

UMC: Were you confident coming into the Main Event that you had the speed to win it?

TC: I felt good every race and my weak points has been my starts. I just hung tight inside and managed to pull out a good one.

UMC: Do you enjoy those type of races where you have pressure the whole time?

TC: No. The ideal thing is to be way out front and kind of coast it in, but I got pretty nervous. It was good to race with Ken (Roczen). He is a great racer and a good competitor.

UMC: Did you feel Dungey closing the gap on you and Ken (Roczen) later on in the race?

TC: In laps ten to fifteen, I was struggling. I pulled it together though. I think once Ken (Roczen) got on me, I had to pick it back up. I don’t know if we pulled away from Dungey after that or not. There are so many good guys right now. Had (Eli) Tomac, (Cole) Seely, and (Chad) Reed been right there, I think we all would have been battling for the win.

UMC: Was it nerves or arm pump that affected you during laps ten through fifteen?

TC: Anytime you have a past outdoor champion and former points leader this year behind you, you just don’t want to make mistakes. I haven’t been in this situation in a long time. It’s something I’ve got to get used to and it’s more of just little errors that cause you to lose time.

UMC: What are your thoughts going into your home race and where you are in the championship?

TC: I am really excited to go home. There’s something about being back in the middle of the country that is really great. I love California, but I love being home. I love being back east a lot more.