Corbin Fleetliner Fairing for Triumph Thunderbird LT/Commander

Corbin Fleetliner Fairing for Triumph Thunderbird LT

Following many requests for a Triumph Thunderbird fairing with some long touring in mind, Corbin has built a new Fleetliner fairing.

Designed to fit Triumph Commander and LT models, the Fleetliner provides excellent wind protection with a traditional look. Comes prepainted and color matched to your Triumph paint so it’s ready for immediate installation. 

Subtle details like the center rib and sculpted line of the wings add to the visual appeal.

Crafted to work with the air flow to provide more stability to the front end while relieving rider fatigue. Another example of form and function expertly combined in Corbin fashion. 

Corbin started with a fairing shape similar to designs you’ve seen on cruiser models, but improved the design to provide better aerodynamics. Notice how the shape of the fairing starts at the headlights and flows back to part the wind more gracefully.

This transfers the highest pressure area back to the steering pin which gives greater stability at speed. This shape also brings the slipstream “bubble” further back to get you out of the wind. 

As the fairing is designed to slip through the wind, it creates less turbulence and buffeting which gives you a quieter and smoother ride than the standard plexiglass windshield. Naturally this stability and low pressure slipstream for the rider helps to relieve fatigue associated with long days on the highway. It also helps to lower wind noise which adds to the comfort value.

Constructed of Corbin’s Fibertech material for a smooth clean finish and durability, the Fleetliner fairing is available in either solid color or two-tone paint schemes to coordinate with your stock Triumph paint. 

Topped off with a smoked windscreen for a beautiful piece that is ready to install right out of the box. Speaking of the windscreen, Corbin’s fairing will actually work with just about any windscreen or wind deflector designed for the 1997-2006 Harley-Davidson FLHTC model fairings.

This will allow you to easily customize the performance to your stature. A local Harley dealer can show you a selection of H-D and aftermarket models or just run with the cool dark-smoke model that is included. If you are a taller rider and prefer a little more wind protection, Corbin offers an optional 10″ clear windscreen in place of the smaller smoked one.

Simple to install with complete directions and all required brackets included. To assure a perfect look on your bike, brackets come painted silver to give a subtle appearance. Installation can be accomplished by an average weekend mechanic.

For additional information, visit Corbin.


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