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We’ve all been there. Tackling a trail, navigating unmarked territory, commuting on your daily route home – you and your bike go down from unforeseen circumstances.

While you may manage to get up scratch free, the dread of how your bike fared sinks in. AltRider knows the feeling all too well – after all, we are all riders too. The AltRider protection parts have been crash tested time and time again by real riders – each part is designed specifically to accentuate the best features of your bike while providing unmatched protection.

There’s a reason why the official BMW training school outfits their fleet of BMW’s with AltRider Crash Bars – the bars can actually withstand tough circumstances. Built with precision-manufactured stand- offs that fit directly into the existing motor mounts, these 1″ – 1.25″ diameter stainless steel bars have been perfected and proven to save your bike from dire situations.

Yamaha Super Tenere owner Mike Gebhart says “+1 on the AltRider Bars. Been ‘tested’ twice, all with hardly a mark to the plastics. They just plain work.”

#1 Comprehensive Crash System

What do you look at when deciding on crash bars? While some will look at the thickest materials or the biggest system, consider taking a closer look at how it’s mounted and what kind of methods and materials are being used.

Most of the AltRider crash bars feature a 6.75″ billet aluminum connector, seamlessly connecting both sides of the crash bar assembly. The connector maintains full integrity of the tube construction by filling it with solid aluminum – crimping, crushing or bending of the bar is the cheapest option and used often for other ADV parts. The AltRider crash bars transfer impact to the entire assembly – not just one side – for the sturdiest protection available.

#2 Precision Fit

AltRider crash bars are precision fit with 5 axis laser coping, creating a perfect union before the bars are hand TIG welded. Going INTO the frame is where the AltRider crash bars find exponential strength – precision fit not only means fitting each piece well but utilizing an entirely integrated design.

To ensure superior strength, the precision-manufactured standoffs must fit directly into the mounting locations, no bending or prying necessary. All AltRider orders include thorough instructions, video tips and a vial of re-sealable threadlocker (depending on the part) to add to the ease of installation.

#3 One-of-a-Kind Design

Where are the contact points in the event of tip over? How can this be designed with next level innovations? These are a few of many questions asked by the AltRider design team when taking on a design of a new crash bar.

To answer, it’s not just about finding the contact points, it’s about how the bike touches the ground. A logical design around a flat contact surface prevents your bike from continuing to roll over in the case of an accident. Each AltRider crash bar is specifically tailored to the bike – ensuring that each part complements the lines of the bike, with real crash protection as the main focus.

For additional information, visit AltRider.


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