SKULLY AR-1 Head-Up Display Helmet Holiday Pre-Order Campaign

SKULLY AR-1 Head-Up Display Helmet Holiday Pre-Order Campaign

SKULLY AR-1 Head-Up Display Helmet Holiday Pre-Order CampaignSKULLY AR-1 Helmet Available for Holiday Pre-Order

The creator of the world’s first augmented reality helmet – SKULLY – says its AR-1 lid is now available for pre-order throughout the holiday season.

This is the first opportunity for the public to order the AR-1, which features a head-up display (HUD) similar to what jet fighters use in the military.

The SKULLY AR-1 was immediately popular, and had a record-breaking $2.8 million Indiegogo campaign for pre-order sales earlier in 2014.

The AR-1, which also features internal GPS and a rear-view camera, is available for order through Jan. 8, 2015, at

“We continue to be inundated with requests from people who missed out on the Indiegogo campaign, but want to get their hands on a SKULLY helmet either for themselves or, in some cases, to give as a holiday gift,” said Marcus Weller, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of SKULLY. “So we worked with our suppliers to increase the early production availability and are proud to announce that a limited supply of AR-1 helmets will be available for pre-order just in time for the holidays.”

As part of the holiday offering, customers who purchase an AR-1 helmet during this campaign will receive a free SKULLY holiday card and dog tag that can be used to alert gift recipients that a SKULLY AR-1 helmet is on the way. The AR-1 retails for $1499 with shipping scheduled for July 2015.

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About the SKULLY AR-1 Helmet:

The SKULLY AR-1 helmet is built upon the SKULLY Synapse™ technology platform that enhances awareness of its users by linking advanced HUD optics to an intelligent network including a camera, sensors and microprocessors. The AR-1 features a revolutionary HUD system that displays at a perceptual distance of 10-feet in front of the rider, a near 180-degree rearview camera, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, smartphone pairing and voice control, making it the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. The SKULLY AR-1 helmet is scheduled for release in mid 2015.