Honda Thailand Surpasses 50 Million Motorcycles/Power Products

Honda Thailand Surpasses 50 Million Motorcycles/Power Products

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Since establishing its first production facility in Thailand in 1965, Honda has produced more than 50 million motorcycles and power products at its facilities there.

On Monday, November 17, Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., held a ceremony to mark that cumulative production milestone.

Thai Honda Manufacturing has become one of the most significant bases for Honda’s global production of motorcycles and power products.

In 2013, Honda delivered approximately 17 million motorcycles and 6 million power products to customers worldwide, with 10% of the motorcycles and 40% of the power products being manufactured by Thai Honda Manufacturing.

Thai Honda Manufacturing began producing power products in 1987 and the company has delivered a wide range of power products such as general-purpose engines, water pumps, and brush cutters for customers worldwide since that time.

In 2012, the company started a new power products production plant to better integrate the development and production function for more efficient operations.

Thai Honda Manufacturing began producing 250cc engines for mid-sized motorcycles in 2010. In 2012, the company started a global model production line which only produces global motorcycle models.

The company increased its production in 2014 by manufacturing large-sized motorcycles such as the CBR650 series. Various types and models of motorcycles from Thai Honda have been exported to global customers in numerous countries including Japan, Europe, North America and Australia.

Dr. Atchaka Sriboonruang, Permanent Secretary, Thailand Ministry of Industry, Mr. Noriaki Abe, Chief Operating Officer Regional Operations (Asia & Oceania) of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Mr. Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Managing Officer & Representative of Development, Purchasing and Production (Asia & Oceania) of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. jointly presided over the observance in Bangkok.

“We would like to express our gratitude to our customers in Thailand and around the world. 50 years since Honda first started its operation in Thailand, with your support and trust, today Thai Honda Manufacturing has become one of our most important global production bases for producing advanced and environmentally-friendly motorcycles and power products. Today, our motorcycles and power products are being delivered to our customers in over 80 countries. Thai Honda Manufacturing will continue manufacturing products that will deliver maximum satisfaction to customers, quickly and with low CO2 emissions,” said Abe.

The product range includes motorcycles such as the PCX, CBR250, CBR300, CBR500, CBR650, MSX, Wave (110, 125), Scoopy i, Click125, and others. The power products range includes GX engine series, Brush Cutters, Backpack Sprayers, and Water Pumps. The Thai facilities have the capacity to produce 1.7 million motorcycles and 3.0 million power products per year.