Meet David Beckhams’ Brazilian Triumph Bonneville T100

David Beckham's Triumph Bonneville T100 Side View

David Beckham's Triumph Bonneville T100 Side ViewDavid Beckham’s Brazilian Triumph Bonneville T100

Built for English football icon David Beckham to ride from the brutal streets of Rio de Janeiro to the unforgiving Amazon rainforest, this Triumph is the collaborative result of contributors on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

The centerpiece in the eponymous “Beckham In the Unknown” BBC One documentary, it survived man and nature – not bad for a retro-themed street bike.

Lurking underneath a Brazilian crust is a Bonneville T100, which once featured two-tone paint, chrome, and such quaint niceties as fenders.

Taking cues from its cousin, the Scrambler, the T100 was equipped with knobby tires and a high exhaust. The sole nod to style is the hand-tooled seat cover sourced from a São Paolo shop.

Black paint was added to accent the serious intent of the Bonneville — exploring deep into the expansive Amazon Basin.

Beckham successfully made his way to the Yanomami tribe near the Venezuelan border, where he explained the rules of his sport to the local elders. Young tribesmen were fascinated by Beckham’s tattoos, which they believed they could wash off.

Finally, the Triumph Bonneville T100 arrived safely in a photo studio where we can enjoy it, still covered in the splendor of Amazonian mud.

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David Beckham's Brazilian Triumph Bonneville T100 from the rear