Baxter Cycle | A Rare Mix of New & Vintage Motorcycles

Baxter Cycles | A Rare Mix of New & Vintage Motorcycles

Vintage Motorcycles

Tracking down that hard to find – or down-right rare – British brand vintage motorcycle you’ve always wanted can be very tough, particularly if you’d like to be able to see it in person and throw a leg over it.

One dealer that offers both new and vintage bikes is in the tiny western Iowa village of Marne — Baxter Cycle.

The shop is an authorized Triumph dealer so it can provide sales on the latest models as well as parts, service, accessories, clothing and miscellaneous items from belt buckles to calendars and patches.

For the vintage motorcycle enthusiast, Baxter has an amazing inventory to choose from, including classic Triumph, BSA, Royal Enfield, AJS, Norton, Matchless, Ariel and Velocette. And, if you have a specific make and model that they don’t have in stock, they may be able to help track one down.

Baxter Cycles | A Rare Mix of New & Vintage Motorcycles

Perhaps more important, Baxter offers parts, including NOS (new old stock), service and restoration on those vintage bikes. Because vintage bikes can be so different to work on from late model bikes, the service and restoration part of the dealership may be particularly valuable to the new vintage bike enthusiast.

They also offer upgrade products and services, such as converting breaker point ignition systems to electronic systems. Baxter Cycle has been in the business for 35 years.

In addition to the showroom, vintage bike warehouse, machine shop, parts and service areas in the 7,000 square foot main building, Baxter has a separate warehouse where more than 125 bikes are stored.

Proprietor, Randy Baxter has probably already forgotten more about vintage British motorcycles than most folks will ever know, and part of his collection has been featured in some of the books about vintage motorcycle brands, including “Triumph Motorcycles Twins and Triples,” by Tim Remus (soon to be reviewed by Ultimate Motorcycles), and “Triumph Motorcycles from Speed Twin to Bonneville,” by Tim Remus reviewed by Ultimate MotorCycling.

For more information, visit Baxter Cycle.


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