Honda COTA 4RT260 Added to 2015 Trials Motorcycle Lineup
Honda COTA 4RT260

Honda COTA 4RT260

Back in February, Honda made a midnight announcement that it was releasing six new models in the US, including the one that surprised us most – the COTA 4RT Race Replica Repsol Edition observed trials motorcycle.

The COTA 4RT Race Replica, available in limited quantities, is based on the machine that the most successful Trials rider (14 titles) uses in the FIM Trial World Championship – Toni Bou.


The Race Replica, which retails for $9,499, is for the most serious Trials riders – ones that compete at a national level.

But Honda knows not everyone is at this national level, and announced Friday a second offering for trials riders – the COTA 4RT260. The 4RT260 arrives with the same engine and aluminum frame as the Race Replica, but with less aggressive suspension and other parts for the more “casual” trails rider.

The COTA 4RT260 is also $1700 cheaper than the Race Replica.

“Trials riding is a very unique style of competition that’s spectacular to watch and incredibly difficult to do well,” said Lee Edmunds, Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications. “Last year we unveiled the COTA 4RT Race Replica, a hard-core bike made for national-level competition.

“That bike returns for 2015 with some important new features. The new COTA 4RT260 we’re introducing is designed and priced for riders entering the sport; those who compete at local and regional levels, rather than in national-level and pro events. Together, this pair allows trials riders to pick the one that best suits their tastes and budget.”

Following is the official information on the COTA 4RT260 and the COTA 4RT Race Replica:

Honda COTA 4RT260

The COTA 4RT260 carries over most of the main elements that make the COTA 4RT Race Replica a world champion, including the aluminum frame and 260cc engine. The COTA 4RT260 carries its own 39mm TECH fork and R16V shock for the Pro-Link rear suspension, components that are fully trials capable while allowing a better price point.

As with the Race Replica, both ends are fully adjustable for rebound and compression damping. The 4-piston front brake caliper is also unique to the COTA 4RT260, along with the Dunlop tires and Morad rims—all components that are competition-ready.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the seat that comes with every COTA 4RT260. At the expert level, the seat is reduced to virtually nothing to give the rider maximum freedom of movement.

For more casual competitors, this larger seat adds comfort while riding between sections or waiting to enter the next section. The seat is removable and can be switched out as desired, and it incorporates a bit of underseat storage.

  • Color: Red
  • Price: $7799
  • Availability: January 2015
Honda COTA 4RT260 Added to 2015 Trials Motorcycle Lineup
Honda COTA 4RT Race Replica

Honda COTA 4RT Race Replica

Inspired by Honda’s world championship machines, this built-for-competition trials bike returns for 2015 with a new 4-piston monoblock front brake caliper that is stronger for more precise actuation and superior stopping action. A new shift lever is slimmer to stay out of harm’s way over rocks or other obstacles.

And a new black finish for the triple clamps and handlebar, re-shaped, slimmer front fender and new-style rear final-drive sprocket add to the all-new official Team Honda Repsol looks.

Designed with a lightweight aluminum frame, it features a four-stroke Honda 260cc engine with electronic fuel injection and a revolutionary decompression system that reduces engine braking for an operating character similar to that of a 2-stroke.

Other key elements include fully adjustable competition-level Showa suspension front and rear, DID rims, Michelin tires, extra-wide aluminum footpegs, a race-replica headlight, Repsol sticker kit, plus many carbon-fiber protectors: fork guards, front fender brace/mount, clutch cover, head pipe heat shield and silencer cover.

  • Color: Repsol Edition
  • Price: $9499
  • Availability: January 2015