AMA Celebrates Independence Day and Freedom of the Road

AMA Celebrates Independence Day and Freedom of the Road

AMA Celebrates Independence Day and Freedom of the RoadIndependence Day Motorcycle Events

The July 4 Independence Day holiday is a time to celebrate the great achievements of our nation and to enjoy the benefits of our hard-won freedoms, including the freedom to travel safely on our vehicles of choice.

The American Motorcyclist Association salutes America on its birthday and honors all who have contributed to its enduring preeminence.

After enjoying a backyard cookout, a trip to the lake or a leisurely cruise through the countryside, many people will cap their day by watching a fireworks display at a public venue.

“While traveling to and from your celebration, we urge all drivers to be aware of the motorcyclists who will be traveling among you, enjoying the freedom of the road on this long holiday weekend,” said Rob Dingman, AMA president and CEO. “And we encourage all motorcyclists to use extra caution while on the road.”

Impaired and distracting driving become more prevalent during holiday travel times, increasing the risk to all motorists. But motorcyclists are always more vulnerable than other drivers.

“Leave a little extra space between your vehicle and those nearby, take an extra look before turning or changing lanes, and reduce your speed a little for an extra safety cushion,” Dingman said. “We want everyone to arrive safely at their destination and fully enjoy the holiday weekend.”


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