Make a Statement on Ride to Work Day – Monday, June 16

Make a Statement on Ride to Work Day - Monday, June 16

Make a Statement on Ride to Work Day - Monday, June 162014 Ride to Work Day

Every year participants in the worldwide Ride to Work Day grows, and this year’s 23rd annual event - schedule for Monday, June 16 - is expected to be the largest ever.

In America alone, Ride to Work - the non-profit organization that coordinates the yearly event - says estimates are as much as 1 million motorcycles and scooters on the road.

The organization says huge benefits rely in using motorcycles and scooters, including 20-percent less travel time than a car, consumption of less resources per mile, and using less space on the roads and in parking areas.

“Many people do not always appreciate the societally positive value of transportational riding, and some don't know there are also a few hidden deleterious ramifications from having almost everyone default to private autos. Cars are wonderful machines, and we love them, but the reasons to ride, when one can, go beyond stuff like energy or carbon footprints” says Andy Goldfine, an event organizer.

Ride to Work says the annual Day goes deeper than traffic congestion, motorcycles and economics, and go onto to quote Winston Churchill: "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."

Ride to Work says “Other thought-leaders have presented or expressed the same idea in different ways. It applies to things beyond our homes and buildings. It's about all technologies, including our mobility tools.”

The organization urges everyone to participate in Ride to Work Day to help increase the understanding of choosing this type of mobility, and provide “support and encouragement to those who like to ride in transportation-centric ways.”

For forum areas, merchandise, information, and free promotional support materials, visit Ride to Work.


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